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The Human Expression(T.H.E) Anniversary

09 Sep 2023 - 17 Sep 2023
Gallery Theatre
Various Timing
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The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company was founded in 2008. Rooted firmly in Singapore yet universal in its perspective, T.H.E's contemporary dance works reveal the body as a medium for exploring and celebrating the human condition. In conjunction with T.H.E Dance Company's 15th Anniversary, experience two of these captivating programmes at National Museum of Singapore!
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Pán: Why are we here?

From the original work of Pán《盤》(Best Performance, Asian Arts Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021) comes Pán: Why are we here? — a re-edit with new footage shot in everyday spaces to bring the notion of transculturation closer to home. What do we have on our plates, and how do they coexist?

Infused with Founding Artistic Director and Main Choreographer Kuik Swee Boon’s HollowBodyTM methodology and Resident Choreographer Kim Jae Duk’s unrelenting dynamism, this is a filmic portrayal of culture, community, and an emergent reality.

Pán: Why are we here? is part of T.H.E Dance Company’s programme lineup for its 15th anniversary.

Date: 9 September 2023
Time: 8PM - 9PM
Venue: Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

Registration is required. Click here to book your tickets:

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liTHE 2023 by T.H.E Second Company

liTHE 2023 builds upon last year’s curiosities as our choreographers go closer and deeper. Fiona Thng’s tauted takes a hard look at the enmeshed issues of overpopulation and privilege; The world, pink at its edges by Kwek Yixuan surfaces an underlying unrest amidst a rose-tinted world; Jackie Ong and Lynette Lim shed light on the aggrieved to find hope within in I’m not leaving. Tender, brave, pertinent: join these emerging choreographers as their explorations continue unfolding on stage.

liTHE 2023 is part of T.H.E Dance Company’s programme lineup for its 15th anniversary.

Dates & Times:
15 September 2023, 8PM-9.30PM*
16 September 2023, 3PM-4.30PM
16 September 2023, 8PM-9.30PM*
17 September 2023, 3PM-4.30PM
*with post-show dialogue

Registration is required! Book your tickets here:

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