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NMS and Maybank Foundation Open Call


1. Introduction

The National Museum of Singapore (NMS) and Maybank Foundation is conducting two rounds of Open Call to commission a series of video-based artworks for display at the NMS LED Wall in 2021 – 2023.

2. The NMS and Maybank Foundation Open Call

In partnership with Maybank Foundation, NMS will be conducting an Open Call exercise in May 2021 for the commissioning of a series of video-based artworks for the NMS LED Wall.The selected artworks will be showcased in January 2022 for a period of 3 months.

This Open Call invites artists and creatives from Singapore and Southeast Asia to submit proposals that respond to the theme on Climate Change & Sustainability. The Open Call Period will take place 1 May – 14 June 2021. In developing their video-based presentations on the theme indicated above, artists are invited to reference, feature and respond to the NMS collection found within the National Collection via this link. Selected proposals will be awarded a commissioning amount of $37,500 each. NMS will select three proposals in the first open call (Climate Change & Sustainability).

3. Theme of the Open Call: Theme: Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate change is a global issue that has serious implications for our present and future. How has this been considered within a more specific Southeast Asian context, and what has been the impact and response in Singapore, especially with the announcement this year of the Singapore Green Plan 2030? While upcoming initiatives in areas such as Sustainable Towns and Districts, Green Commutes, and Shifting Coastlines offer a glimpse to Singapore’s future, the constant refinement of our physical environment has its roots in the past as well.  This is especially evident in the shifting coastlines and reclamation projects Singapore has undergone as well as the evolution of transport systems over time.

While responses to climate change and sustainability can take on many forms, this Open Call is an opportunity to explore artistic responses using the digital medium, to engage audiences in a fresh way by making fresh connections between issues of the environment which concern our present and what our future might look like, and materials from our past that remind us of where we have come from and which make us who we are today. Relevance to existing content within the galleries at NMS and the National Collection will further contextualise these issues in a tangible and relatable manner.

The artistic responses could also present a reimagination of how materials from our past and present could be repurposed or adapted for future use. These could take the form of new solutions that may possibly alleviate present problems or create an awareness for issues that have yet surfaced. The scale of the artwork on the LED Wall would provide opportunities for viewers to be fully immersed in the audio-visual experience of these creative works.

The NMS and Maybank Foundation Open Call thus invites artists and creatives to produce video-based works by engaging with the theme of climate change and plans and practices for sustainability. These works should do so by creatively referencing, featuring and responding to the collections of NMS and Maybank, and should be new works produced specifically for the NMS LED Wall.


4. Registration Procedure

The application to register should be submitted online via this link. Applications for registration shall include the following information (refer to Annex B):

  • Artwork Information and Specifications
  • Artist Information

*Do note that only application submitted via this online form will be accepted. Applications to this open call are open now till 14 June 2021. Please direct any queries here: nms_digital@nhb.gov.sg

5. Evaluation Criteria

    Proposals will be evaluated according to the following:

    Merit of proposal

    Submissions should demonstrate creative and artistic responses to theme of the Open Call (Climate Change & Sustainability)

    Clarity of proposal and concept for the proposed video-based artwork

    Originality and innovativeness of content for the proposed video-based artwork

    Quality of considerations taken in referencing, featuring and responding to NMS’ collection to the proposed video-based artwork; i.e., concept, research, and discourse.

    The relevant use of the museum’s collection and its representation to the content of the proposed video-based artwork

    Proposal should clearly indicate the format/type of video used for the video-based artwork; i.e., animation, short-film, documentary, etc.


    Impact of proposal

    Proposal for the video-based artwork should demonstrate strength and quality

    The proposed video-based artwork should stimulate engagement with local public, international visitors, and museum professionals

    The proposed video-based artwork should facilitate access and knowledge of the museum’s collection to the audiences

    The proposed video-based artwork should of quality and demonstrate potential to be presented in other local and/or international venues


    Project planning and management

    Submissions should demonstrate the applicant’s expertise and experience in the creative field and the necessary support to undertake and complete the proposed video-based artwork project.

    Submissions should clearly demonstrate a realistic and detailed breakdown of the following:

    Timeline and schedule of proposed project

    Budgetary planning of the project
    Applicants to indicate if they have independent sources of funding and/or in-kind donations of the required equipment to realise the project
    Track record of the individual or collective will be taken into consideration
    Clear description on how the project is to be developed and implemented