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9am – 5pm
Café Brera at Reunion is operated by Bakery Brera and Fine Foods*, in partnership with the National Museum of Singapore to offer fresh bakes and wholesome food suitable for seniors. The café will be part of the museum’s Reunion space, which is the first purpose-built dedicated social space for seniors in a local museum.
Café Brera at Reunion will feature some of Bakery Brera’s bestsellers including their authentic French Viennoiseries and European classic breads, alongside bakes and creations reflecting Singapore’s heritage, as well as local and international brunch sets and all-day tea and snack items. Visitors may also order dysphagia-friendly food at the cafe, which are suitable for people with swallowing difficulties.

At Café Brera, one may look forward to having a good conversation over delicious food made with fresh and wholesome ingredients!

All images photographed by Madeni Jais

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The café practises inclusive hiring, where a majority of their team comprises seniors, as it seeks to empower seniors and contribute to an inclusive society. It will collaborate with the National Museum to offer food-related programmes that encourage healthy eating, especially among seniors to support their well-being.

* Bakery Brera is a leading local artisan bakery known for its social mission and community projects. It has raised funds for those in need, prepared care packages for the healthcare frontliners and migrant workers during the pandemic, and has been practising inclusive hiring, among other initiatives. Bakery Brera’s flagship bakery at Empress Road is known for its insta-famous cruffins (a muffin-shaped croissant), which has attracted a large following in Singapore.

Kindly note that there is a ramp access available from the Reunion social space. Please approach our friendly staff at the museum if you need assistance accessing the cafe.

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Reunion is the first purpose-built dedicated social space for seniors in a local museum. Seniors, including those living with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, can now look forward to heritage-based programmes at Reunion, to encourage meaningful conversations and interaction using the museum’s collection to support their health and well-being.

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