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Download these craft templates and other materials to work on at your own leisure!

“Get Curious: My Family's Stories” Kit

Free | For children, parents and grandparents

Discover stories from the different generations of your family through this set of conversation cards that cover six topics and feature artefact images from the museum’s upcoming Home, Truly special exhibition. Take turns exchanging stories and look forward to lots of laughter, surprise, empathy and I-never-knew moments!

Are you curious about what family stories you might uncover? Click here to download the kit


Colouring Fun! Our Childhood Toys

Free | Ages 2 and up

Young children can have fun colouring in these images of some of our favourite childhood toys. Parents can also use our question prompts to have a conversation with older children, such as discussing what these toys were made of and imagining new ways of playing them!

Download Five-stones & Pick-up Sticks

Download Hungry Hippos

Download Gasing

Download Wind-up Toys


Crafty Fun! Cube Puzzle, Toy Car & Matchbox

Free | Ages 4 and up

These craft templates are based on toys that were popular with children in the past and can now be found in our Growing Up gallery. Print out the templates for an afternoon of crafty fun!

Download Cube Puzzle

Download Toy Car & Matchbox


Video Tutorials: Be A Creative Toymaker

Free | Ages 4 and up

Did you know that many children who grew up in the 1950s to 1960s would use everyday materials they found around their kampong to invent and make their own toys and games?


For example, a slingshot could be created from fallen tree branches and discarded car tyres. You too can get creative with a little inspiration from our video tutorials!

Parachute Soldier Toy

A fun and easy toy which many of us learnt to make during primary school Science lessons. Try out different materials for your parachute and “soldier”! Does a heavier soldier fall faster than a lighter one?


Hoop Throwing Game

Test your dexterity with this game, featuring birds from our William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings! Have you seen any of these birds in Singapore before? You can also design your own birds for this game if you prefer!

Download the printable version here

Rocking Horse

This craft activity is inspired by a horse-shaped baby rocking-chair on display in our Growing Up gallery, which was commonly found in households in the 1960s. You might not be able to sit on this one, but perhaps one of your other toys can?


Download the printable version here

Bola Tin

The ball game of choice before bowling alleys existed. The aim of the game is not simply to knock down all the tins, but also to rebuild the pyramid of tins as quickly as possible, depending on which team you’re on!