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PressMonday, November 7, 2022

The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022

The Doraemon Exhibition lands at the National Museum of Singapore, its first global showcase outside of Japan in 2022. It showcases Doraemon through the lens of 28 leading contemporary Japanese artists and arts groups, the artworks on display respond to the theme of “Create Your Own Original Doraemon”, as well as featuring distinctive artworks that capture the artists’ memories of Doraemon and their take on Japan’s beloved icon. The exhibition presents a diverse mix of ideas, mediums and techniques that include paintings, sculptures, graphics and photography. Two artworks by Singaporean artists are also exclusively presented as part of this showcase.

PressFriday, June 10, 2022

OFF / ON: Everyday Technology that Changed our Lives, 1970s – 2000s

Reconnect with some of the innovative technological icons from our past through a series of immersive installations set in familiar, nostalgic settings, complemented with engaging digital games and activities. Presented as part of the National Museum's Collecting Contemporary Singapore initiative that aims to broaden the museum's efforts in documenting diverse perspectives of contemporary Singapore, this showcase encourages visitors to reflect on how technology has made an indelible mark on their everyday life.

PressWednesday, April 20, 2022

Rooting for Change: Artistic Responses to Climate Change and Sustainability

The National Museum of Singapore together with Maybank Foundation is pleased to showcase three multimedia artworks that were created as an artistic response to climate change and sustainability. The artists have drawn inspiration from the museum’s collection to create fresh connections between environmental issues that concern our present and allow us to imagine what our future might look like.

PressFriday, January 28, 2022

Dislocations: Memory & Meaning of the Fall of Singapore, 1942

Dislocations: Memory and Meaning of the Fall of Singapore, 1942 is a commemorative exhibition to mark the 80th anniversary of the British Surrender to the Imperial Japanese Army in Singapore on 15 February 1942. It features a blend of physical objects, documents and oral histories woven into specially designed spaces meant to evoke reflections and conversations among visitors, as they explore the notion of “war memory” and the different ways it can be remembered and retold.

PressTuesday, February 23, 2021

Picturing The Pandemic: A Visual Record of COVID-19 in Singapore

Featuring commissioned photographs and film, alongside personal objects contributed by the public, the exhibition is a documentation of how people in Singapore live through and experience the pandemic, to be shared with future generations.

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PressTuesday, December 15, 2020

Home, Truly: Growing Up With Singapore, 1950s to the Present

In collaboration with The Straits Times, the National Museum of Singapore presents Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present, which explores the moments and experiences in Singapore’s past and present that express our identity and collective memory as a people.

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PressMonday, September 14, 2020

Every Body Plays a Part: A Showcase of Public Health Crises and Responses in Singapore

This online showcase will provide insights into Singapore’s past experiences with infectious diseases and public health issues and observes how some of these measures are still undertaken to
manage the COVID-19 pandemic today.

PressFriday, May 22, 2020

Collecting Contemporary Singapore

A joint COVID-19 collection drive by the National Library Board (NLB) and the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) from 22 May to 31 December 2020 is calling for individuals, communities and organisations to contribute materials that document experiences of the pandemic in Singapore.