Parrot mask preschool
Parrot mask preschool



You are never too young to learn about Singapore’s history and culture. These programmes are specially created for our young audiences to learn about Singapore’s past and understand the different cultures in Singapore.

Please note: 

  1. From Apr 2022, all bookings for school visits should be made through NHB's new online booking system, BookMuseums@SG. For more information on how to use BookMuseums@SG to plan for a school visit to the museum, click here.

    Guidelines for school visits from Apr 2022 can be found here. Guidelines may change according to the latest MOE and MOH advisories. Please email us at for the latest updates.

  2. Facilitated on-site pre-school programmes are not available due to COVID-19. Look forward to a refresh of our workshops and programmes in 2022-2023! 



A) Be A Young Toymaker - Virtual Workshop (NEW)

Be A Young Toymaker Virtual Workshop

Step back into Singapore’s kampong days and experience the gotong royong spirit of the 1960s! Learn about the popular toys and games of the past and their place in the childhoods of those growing up during this era. This programme will bring students on a live interactive virtual journey to explore artefacts found in our Growing Up gallery, with opportunities to learn through role-play and hands-on activities.

Pre-school Curriculum Relevance: Discovery of the World, Motor Skill Development, Numeracy, and Social and Emotional Development 


Recommended Level Available Sessions Timngs  Duration Capacity Cost
(5 to 6 year olds)


9am - 10am
10am - 11am
11am - 12pm
1 Hour
Min. 20 pax
Max. 30 pax


*Subject to availability at the time of booking.

This virtual workshop is an adaptation of the Be A Young Toymaker programme previously conducted at the museum. Students can now participate in this virtual workshop at their respective pre-school centres. 

Please email at to book a slot today! All bookings must be made at least 2 weeks before your preferred date of booking for the workshop. 


B) Be a Young Toymaker: Digital Edition

BAY screenshot

Try out this free digital version of our Be A Young Toymaker workshop for pre-school children! Through an interactive game hosted on TinyTap, students can find out more about Chapteh, Zero Point and Bola Tin, and how children made and played these toys and games in the past. The game can be accessed through desktop or mobile app herePlease download the Educator's Guide to find out more about how to play and use the game!

Pre-school Curriculum Relevance: Discovery of the World, Language and Literacy, and Social and Emotional Development

Recommended Level Available Sessions Duration Capacity Cost
(5 to 6 year olds)
30 Mins - 1 Hour


C) Early Learning Resources   

Covers extracted from PDF files

Visit our permanent galleries and play spot-the-artefact! These five booklets introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts through familiar themes of Alphabets, Colours, Numbers, Shapes and Opposites. Click here for a sneak preview! 

Set A: ABC, 123 and Colours | $8/set of 3 booklets 

Set B: Shapes and Opposites | $6/set of 2 booklets

Teachers may use these booklets to plan for a self-guided visit to the museum. Both sets are available for purchase at Supermama, The Museum Store at the National Museum of Singapore. Discounted rates of $5/set for Set A and $4/set for Set B are available for schools making a bulk purchase of 10 or more sets each. Please send the bulk order form to

Recommended Level  Available Sessions  Duration  Capacity  Cost 
 Nursery, K1 & K2


Flexible (Self-guided visit)

Capacity limit and group size will be based 
on prevailing Safe Management Measures

 Set A: $5/set of 3 booklets*

Set B: $4/set of 2 booklets*

*(Min 10 sets each)


To better support parents and caregivers in using the Early Learning Resources at home, we have also developed special resource kits with Wigglepods, comprising activity guides and audio/video clips to encourage children to learn about the museum’s collection through fun music and movement activities:


Check out some of the videos featured in Set B (Shapes and Opposites) here


 D) Get Curious! – The Official Interactive Guide to the National Museum of Singapore

Cover of Get Curious

This guide book invites young learners to explore the interesting stories behind over 40 artefacts on display in the National Museum. Included in this 116-page guide are maps for navigational purposes, special decoder glasses and content that inspires children to find out more about Singapore’s history and people through stories and relatable themes such as animals, colours, shapes, transport and values.

Teachers can use the book to plan for a self-guided visit to the museum. Pre-schools may wish to download the order form here and email for bulk purchases of the Get Curious! Guide prior to visiting the museum (min 6 copies for a special price of $20 each). Purchase of less than 6 copies can be done at Supermama, the Museum Shop (level 1, NMS) at S$24.90 per copy.

Recommended Level Available Sessions Duration Capacity Cost
Pre-school (5 to 6 years olds)


Flexible (Self-guided visit)              

Capacity limit and group size will be
on prevailing Safe  Management Measures

$20 per copy (Min 6 copies)