Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

A) Museum Etiquette Video

To better prepare students for a memorable experience at the museum, educators are strongly encouraged to go through a museum etiquette video with students before visiting the museum.
Choose from two videos:

  • For younger student visitors
  • For older student visitors

B) Risk Assessment and Management Systems (RAMS) 

Click here to download the pre-filled RAMS.

C) Early Learning Resources for Pre-school Educators (NEW)

Early Learning Resources for Pre-school Educators

Visit the National Museum’s permanent galleries and play spot-the-artefact! In these three booklets, pre-schoolers will be introduced to our artefacts and learn to appreciate the different objects in Singapore history and culture through the themes of Alphabets, Colours and Numbers. Teachers may use these booklets to plan for a self-guided visit to the museum. Each resource pack contains three booklets (Alphabets, Colours and Numbers) and retails at a special price of S$5 per set with a minimum purchase of 10 sets. For purchases of less than 10 sets, the cost is S$8 per set.

Pre-schools may wish to download the order form here  and email for bulk purchases of the Early Learning Resources prior to visiting the museum (min. 10 sets for special price of $5 each). Purchases of less than 10 sets can be done at the NMS Museum Label Shop at S$8 per set.


 Recommended Level  Available Sessions  Duration  Capacity     Cost
K1 & K2
Daily (except Quiet Mornings on the first
and third Thursday
mornings of each month)
(self-guided visit)
   $5 per resource pack -
includes 3 booklets
(Alphabets, Colours & Numbers)


D) Historical Investigation Resources for Secondary History

Historical investigations

Conduct your Historical Investigation at the National Museum, whose vast collection will provide you with many opportunities to encounter Singapore’s history from the pre-colonial to the post-independence periods. The galleries present immersive settings and voices of the past, which enable students to imagine what life in Singapore was like as they engage with the artefacts as part of the inquiry process.

Curriculum Relevance: Lower Secondary History

Recommended Level Available Session Duration
Capacity Cost
Secondary 1 & 2 Weekdays EXCEPT Quiet Mornings
(first and third Thursday morning of each month)
2 Hours
Min. 15 pax
Max. 120pax

The following resources have been developed in collaboration with the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) to aid teachers who are planning to bring students to the museum for HI.

  1. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 1 Pre-Colonial
  2. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 2 Colonial Singapore
  3. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 3 Japanese Occupation
  4. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 4 Post Independence 


E) Tales of Old Singapore: Digital Edition (NEW)

Experience a teaser of our Tales of Old Singapore educational workshop from your school or home! Follow the character "Ah Ling" as she shares about her experiences and feelings moving from a kampong (village) to a HDB flat in 1970 by watching the video below:

Enhance the experience by going through the discussion questions asked throughout the video. Download this template and have students complete a simple HDB pop-up card craft activity to complement the video!


Curriculum Relevance: Primary 2 Social Studies – Coming Together as a Nation, Primary 4 Social Studies – Valuing our Past

Recommended Level Available Session Duration Capacity Cost
Primary 1 to 3

Primary 4 to 6


30 mins NA Free