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Plan for a meaningful Historical Investigation trip for your students, or provide the opportunity for your students to learn independently as they explore the topics of home and belonging at NMS.

From Apr 2022, all bookings for school visits and programmes should be made through NHB's new online booking system, BookMuseums@SG. For more information on how to use BookMuseums@SG to plan for a school visit to the museum, click here.


A) Museum-based Learning Programme: Artefactually Speaking at the National Museum [Secondary 2 CCE Cohort Learning Journey]

Secondary, museum based learning programme

In this artefact-centric programme, co-developed with MOE, students will explore the museum galleries in independent groups, guided by a Passport activity booklet. Students will also get the opportunity to discover fascinating stories about specific artefacts throughout Singapore’s 700 years of history as they interact with our Museum Educators.

Please note that this programme is for Secondary 2 students from MOE schools only, as part of their CCE Cohort Learning Journey.

Curriculum Relevance: Character and Citizenship Education, National Education, and Lower Secondary History.

Recommended Level Available Session Duration
Capacity Cost
Secondary 2
Weekdays EXCEPT Quiet Mornings
(first and third Thursday morning of each month)
2.5 Hours
Min. 30 pax
Max. 120cpax

$8 per pax


*Each student will receive a Passport activity booklet. Pre- and post-trip resources will also be provided for teachers to brief their students and to facilitate post-trip discussions.

National Museum Online Learning Experience: Artefactually Speaking

Online MBL screenshot

free digital edition of the programme is now available! Learn more about the lives of the Amahs, Chettiars and Eunos Abdullah in colonial Singapore through interactive videos that allow them to choose the stories they wish to explore. Access the full learning package by searching for "National Museum Online Learning Experience: Artefactually Speaking" on the Student Learning Space (SLS).

B) Docent-led Tour of Singapore History Gallery for Schools

Docent-led tours

Let our experienced docents enthral your students with stories about Singapore’s past as they lead them on a journey to discover Singapore’s history in this guided tour of the Singapore History Gallery.

Recommended Level Available Session Duration
Capacity Cost
Primary 5 onwards (ages 11 and above) Daily between
10am and 3.30pm
(except Quiet Mornings
on the first and third
Thursday mornings ofeach month)
2 Hours
Min. 15 pax
Max. 45pax

*Complimentary for Government Schools (Pri, Sec and JC). Find out more here.

C) Historical Investigation

Historical investigations

Conduct your Historical Investigation at the National Museum, whose vast collection will provide you with many opportunities to encounter Singapore’s history from the pre-colonial to the post-independence periods. The galleries present immersive settings and voices of the past, which enable students to imagine what life in Singapore was like as they engage with the artefacts as part of the inquiry process.

Curriculum Relevance: Lower Secondary History

Recommended Level Available Session Duration
Capacity Cost
Secondary 1 & 2 Weekdays EXCEPT Quiet Mornings
(first and third Thursday morning of each month)
1 Hour
Min. 15 pax
Max. 120pax

The following resources have been developed in collaboration with the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) to aid teachers who are planning to bring students to the museum for HI.

  1. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 1 Pre-Colonial
  2. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 2 Colonial Singapore
  3. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 3 Japanese Occupation
  4. Teacher's HI Resource Unit 4 Post Independence