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gostan special programming
gostan special programming

Visitors with Special Needs

Are you a parent/educator of a child with special needs? As part of the museum’s commitment to be more inclusive, our team at the museum has created a series of programmes and resources for children/students with additional needs to make the most of their visit.


20220902_Hutan-83 (3)

Hu木an – A Sensory Forest Adventure

Activity Space, Level 3
$18/pax | Recommended for ages 4 – 12
50 mins per session, dates for school and family sessions below

Inspired by the National Museum’s William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, this multisensory performance is guaranteed to be a delightful experience for young children with special needs, with its immersive tactile set, soothing live music and friendly performers.

Come feel the textured leaves with your toes and fingertips, smell the exotic flowers, play hide-and-seek with Hornbill... In the magical Hutan (Malay for “forest”), many adventures await!

School sessions

28 Aug (Mon): 9am, 10.40am, 3pm
29 Aug (Tue): 9am, 3pm
30 Aug (Wed): 9am, 10.40am, 3pm
Min 12 and max 15 students per session.

SPED schools may visit this link to book a session.
Family Sessions
2 Sep (Sat): 10am, 2pm, 4.15pm
7 Sep (Thu): 10.30am, 2pm
8 Sep (Fri): 10.30am, 2pm

Parental accompaniment required. These are inclusive sessions for children both with and without additional needs.

Families may visit this link to purchase your tickets.


WahSoSimple drop-in craft


Quiet Mornings Drop-in Craft Activity: Stamp Your Favourite Food by WahSoSimple

7 Sep (Thu) | 10.30am – 12.30pm
Glass Atrium, Level 2 | Free

Pre-registration is not required. Availability of materials on a first come, first served basis.


Drop in for a colouring and stamping activity where you can choose from a variety of food-related stamps to “fill” up your tingkat container or porcelain bowl! 


Old-school games such as paper balls and pick-up sticks will also be available, with accompanying visual instructions. Come play alongside our friendly Care Facilitators!


Click here to learn more about our Accessibility initiatives. 



Resources for Self-Facilitated Group Visits

Special Education (SPED) schools can use the following free resources to enrich your students’ visits:

1. Activity Booklets – print these out at home/school, or request for printed copies which will be passed to you at the start of your self-facilitated visit!

Young Explorers’ Trail – Educators’ Kit

  • This kit is meant to be printed in A3, for educators to refer to/show to students

  • Related gallery: Story of the Forest 

  • Recommended for age 7 – 12

Download here

This Is My Country

  • Related galleries: Singapore History Gallery, Growing Up Gallery, Voices of Singapore
    Recommended for age 13 – 16

Download here             


2. Craft Templates – only available on-site. Request for them to be passed to you at the start of your self-facilitated visit!

Tapir, Rhinoceros Hornbill and Malayan Porcupine stick puppets

  • Related gallery: Story of the Forest

SPED  WF stick puppets completed

Badang and Sea Monster finger puppet craft

  • Related gallery: Singapore History Gallery

SPED - Badang and sea monster puppets 2 

Paper doll craft

  • Related gallery: Growing Up Gallery

SPED  foldover clothes and dolls complete 

Paper doll craft #2: School Uniform

  • Related gallery: Growing Up Gallery

SPED  paper dolls sch uniform complete 

Cube puzzle craft

  • Related gallery: Growing Up Gallery

SPED - Cube puzzles

School bag craft 

  • Related gallery: Growing Up Gallery

SPED - Old sch bag craft 1


3. Handling Objects – for loan only and should be returned at the end of your visit in good condition. Request for them to be passed to you at the start of your self-facilitated visit!

Handling Collection Inventory

  • Loan out a selection of handling objects based on themes such as Games, Clothes and Instruments, with suggested activities to help your students relate better to Singapore’s history and heritage.
Download here

Visual instructions for old-school games

  • Educators who are loaning out games from our handling collection will find the PDF on the right helpful. Print out the discussion questions and visual instructions for each game, prior to your visit. 

  • Related gallery: Growing Up Gallery

Download here


4. Talking to Grandma About the War 

Suitable for Primary 3 to Primary 5 levels, and recommended as a self-facilitated off-site programme (approx. 1.5 hours) in conjunction with Total Defence Day and/or National Day


In this 19-minute video, students will learn about key events of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore through the eyes of Popo (Grandmother), and be introduced to key artefacts in the National Museum’s Singapore History Gallery and Surviving Syonan Gallery, such as banana money and food ration cards. Students will also make connections with the various aspects of Total Defence, through teacher-facilitated activities such as worksheets and a hands-on food rationing experience.


This video is produced by the National Museum of Singapore with support from the National Heritage Board. It is adapted from the children’s book
Timmy & Tammy: Talking to Grandpa About the War, written by Ruth Wan-Lau and published by Armour Publishing. Accompanying resources (comprising a lesson plan, PowerPoint slides and worksheet) are developed by APSN Katong School and will be provided in soft copy. Interested parties from Special Education (SPED) schools/organisations may contact nhb_nm_programmes@nhb.gov.sg to access the resources, and are encouraged to customise the resources to suit the needs of your students.


To Book Self-Facilitated Group Visits

From April 2022, all bookings for school visits and programmes should be made through NHB’s new online booking system, BookMuseums@SG. For more information on how to use BookMuseums@SG to plan for a school visit to the museum, click here.

  1. Group Visits on Quiet Mornings: As part of the museum’s commitment to be more inclusive, we have designated the first Saturday (9am – 11am), and first and third Thursdays (9am – 12 noon) of the month as Quiet Mornings to provide children with additional needs with a quieter and calming environment to experience the galleries. These slots are not available for booking on BookMuseums@SG. If you are a SPED school planning to visit on a Quiet Morning, please email nhb_nm_schools@nhb.gov.sg directly.
  2. For non-school organisations (e.g. VWOs) interested in booking group visits, please follow the instructions for “General Group Visits” here

Upon receiving your booking through
BookMuseums@SG or nhb_nm_schools@nhb.gov.sg, we will get in touch so you can request your desired resources and their quantity.
For more information on the museum's commitment in ensuring the museum experience is accessible and enjoyable for all visitors, visit our Accessibility page below.  


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