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Corporate Support

Support the National Museum of Singapore as a corporate partner to further our mission of preserving and deepening understanding of Singapore’s history and the wider world. When your company supports the National Museum of Singapore, you help advance our vision of inspiring and connecting people through shared experiences and collective memories.

Corporate donations provide vital source of funding for exhibitions and educational programmes, acquisitions of art, scholarly research, and refurbishments of the museum. Whether start-ups or large international corporations, you have a range of options to support the National Museum of Singapore, inspire lifelong learning and reach out to the community.

Corporate donations are a vital source of funding for exhibitions, community programmes, artefact acquisitions, research and the refurbishment of the museum. Your contributions help advance the museum’s vision of inspiring and connecting people through shared experiences and collective memories. In addition, supporting the museum also provides an avenue for you to fulfil your commercial objectives through mutually beneficial partnerships with the museum. Here are some of the possible collaboration opportunities:

Support our exhibitions


Corporate support helps the National Museum of Singapore present exceptional and high-quality exhibitions that will continually inspire and engage society. Our special exhibitions enable us to not only expound on our National Collection through innovative ways, but also bring world-class exhibits to Singapore. 

Support our public programmes

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Public programmes provide an avenue for people from all walks of life to engage with and access the museum’s content in an interactive and fun way. More than that, programmes give families an opportunity to bond over history and culture. Your support helps the museum continue to offer these special programmes for free or at minimal costs to ensure access for people from all segments of society.

Fulfil your community engagement needs


As the people’s museum, we want to be an accessible space for everyone including seniors, families with young children, low income families, persons with disabilities, millennials, new citizens, as well as non-Singaporeans. Our corporate partners’ support enable us to continually create programmes and platforms that makes this a reality while fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Investment deliverables.

Join the NMS Corporate Programme

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The Corporate Programme at the National Museum of Singapore is designed for corporations, institutions and foundations who wish to achieve their corporate mandate while making an impact on the community through heritage.Click here to view the prospectus for more information.

Hear what our donors say...

“NMS has always been a strong partner of Panasonic, both as a customer and as a collaborator. Its willingness to venture and trial how technology can enhance visitor experience is really something very commendable.”

- Gary Tan, Head, Business Development Group, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (PSSAP)

“In a world characterised by rapid change, the National Museum of Singapore remains steadfast in its preservation of Singapore’s history and heritage. As a seventh-generation family business, Lombard Odier understands the value of long-term and sustainable commitment. We are honoured to partner with the National Museum of Singapore and support its efforts to nurture and engage the community, joining forces to learn from the past and rethink the impact and responsibilities that we have on the future.”

- Vincent Magnenat, Limited Partner and CEO, Asia, Lombard Odier

“It was a very natural collaboration between us because scents have such amazing powers to transport us back to a memory, a place or a time in our lives … Heritage is especially important to Givaudan.”

- Mr Ben Webb, Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Fragrances APAC, Givaudan

Givaudan is a corporate donor of the National Museum of Singapore, and has helped create and support the museum with scents that enhance visitors' experience at the exhibitions. Some of the scents supported by Givaudan include the stench of the Singapore River in the 1970s and the Tembusu flower scent.

“Heritage buildings have a glow. You feel connected to them and they bring good memories … The National Museum is part of our history, our heritage. The facilities must complement what we stand for as Singaporeans. I treat my donation to the museum as my national service.”

- Mr Ronald Goh, Managing Director of Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd

Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd has been a long-time support of the National Museum of Singapore. One of its most recent gifts goes towards the installation Story of the Forest, where Broadcast Professional is the Official System Integration Partner.

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For queries on corporate support and partnership opportunities, please email us at: supportNMS@nhb.gov.sg