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The National Museum of Singapore is committed to ensuring that the museum experience is accessible and enjoyable for all visitors. From December 2018, the museum will designate the first Saturday of every month (9am to 11 am) and the first and third Thursdays of each month (9am to 12 noon) as Quiet Mornings. This is part of the museum's commitment to becoming a more accessible and inclusive museum.

Access-friendly Amenities

The museum (including its galleries) and its facilities are wheelchair and stroller accessible. Service Dogs are also welcome. Access-friendly drop-off and pick-up points are indicated in the NMS Sensory Friendly Map

The following access-friendly amenities are also available:

  • Designated accessible parking is available for visitors with disabilities.

  • Manual wheelchairs are available free of charge at the museum’s Visitor Services counter on a first come, first served basis. We regret, however, that we will not be able to help users get around our galleries.

  • Stroller parking is available outside our galleries. Please approach a staff member to locate designated stroller parking areas.

  • Exhibition captions in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil, audio-video clips and other interactives are available on Dome Bot.     

  • Sensory Bags are available free of charge on a first come, first served basis. These bags are created for families with children on the autism spectrum. Each bag includes ear defenders, sensory maps, a visual schedule and sensory toys.

  • Quiet Corners have been designated as rest spots in the Singapore History Gallery.

  • Quiet Room on Level 2 provides a safe space for visitors who might experience sensory overload to rest and regulate before resuming their museum visit.

See Amenities and Museum Etiquette for other amenities within the museum.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room at NMS was opened in July 2019 to provide a safe space for visitors who might experience sensory overload, in particular children with autism, and need a private space in which to calm down before resuming their museum visit. The Quiet Room is proudly supported by BNP Paribas Singapore.

Features of the room include:

  • A transition area with cubbyholes to keep shoes and bags


Inner Chamber Padded

A padded inner chamber, designed to resemble a womb, where the child can rest and calm down


Geometric Shaped Cushions

Geometric-shaped cushions that the child can hug for soothing purposes


Lighting with different colours

Soft, even lighting with changeable color settings: Caregivers can toggle between different colors to suit the child’s preferences

Photography by Khoo Guo Jie.
Images courtesy of Lekker Architects.

Guidelines for use:

  • The Quiet Room is not open to the general public, but is available for use when needed. Please approach a Visitor Services or security officer or call 6332 0110 for access to this room

  • Recommended duration of use: 30 minutes

  • Capacity: 7 (inclusive of adults and children)

  • No food and drinks in the room, except plain water

  • Children must be supervised at all times

Designing for Inclusivity and the NMS Quiet Room

In this talk, Lekker Architects will share their inspirations and approaches in designing the Quiet Room and other spaces for persons with additional needs. Come learn about the features of the Quiet Room through photographs and concept drawings, and gain insights into the challenges and considerations of inclusive design.

Quiet Mornings (In view of the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation, Quiet Mornings will be cancelled from 20 February 2020 onwards till further notice.)

The museum has designated the first Saturday of every month (9am to 11am), and the first and third Thursdays of each month (9am to 12 noon), as Quiet Mornings. Visitors who would appreciate a quieter and more relaxing environment are welcome to visit the museum during Quiet Mornings. The museum remains open to all visitors until 7pm and will accept all group visits after Quiet Morning hours.

The upcoming dates for Quiet Mornings are listed below. The museum will update this page if there are any changes to the dates.


  • Jan: 2, 4 and 16

  • Feb: 1, 6 and 20

  • Mar: 5, 7 and 19

  • Apr: 2, 4 and 16

  • May: 2, 7 and 21

  • Jun: 4, 6 and 18 

Group Visits on Quiet Mornings

The museum will prioritise group visits from Special Education schools, the special needs community, and seniors during Quiet Mornings.

Group bookings from mainstream schools and other organisations will be accepted from 12 noon (on Quiet Mornings on Thursdays), and from 11am (on Quiet Mornings on Saturdays).

If you are planning to organise a group visit to the museum, please visit our Group Visit page for instructions and resources on how to do so.

Plan Your Visit

  • All galleries and the Food for Thought café will be open to visitors at 9am during Quiet Mornings.

  • Sensory Maps are available for you to use to prepare for your visit ahead of time. In addition to indicating the museum’s access points, they also highlight some of the sights and sounds you will experience, and identify quiet and less-crowded areas, as well as rest spots within the museum.

  • Social Stories that provide a visual guide on what to expect during a visit to the museum are available for download prior to your visit.

  • Our Visual Schedule comprising a planner with picture cards can help you plan your visit to the museum.

For Sensory Maps, Social Stories & Visual Schedule, please see Accessibility Tools and Resources below

Accessibility Tools and Resources

Sensory Maps

The museum may be a daunting place for those who are sensitive to stimuli or have mobility issues. To plan a visit to suit your loved one, you can use our Sensory-friendly Map to identify high sensory areas as well as areas that are quieter, well-lit and less crowded, or rest spots where you can take a break.

A specific sensory map is also available for our biggest gallery, the Singapore History Gallery. This sensory map also includes a suggested wheelchair-friendly route.

You can obtain a map from our Visitor Services counter on Level 1, or download your own below.

  • Sensory map of the National Museum of Singapore (large print version)

  • Sensory map of the National Museum of Singapore

  • Sensory map of Singapore History Gallery     

Social Stories

These social stories enable schools and family visitors to show children what to expect during a visit to our museum, to allow for a more enriching experience. The step-by-step photo guide illustrates how to enter the museum, galleries that you can visit, and how you can make your museum visit a pleasant experience.

You can read them online as a webpage, or download a copy to print out prior to your visit to the museum.

Visual Schedule

A visual schedule is a simple planner using picture cards to communicate a series of activities to be done at the museum. It is useful for caregivers with children who have a need for structure and predictability in their lives, and who might need guidance with keeping track of activities or help with a sense of time. You can print out the visual schedule and picture cards to plan your visit with your loved one before visiting the museum. A physical copy of the visual schedule will also be included in the sensory bag available for loan.  

Image of Visual Schedule

Sensory Bag

The Museum has prepared five sensory bags that are available for families with children on the autism spectrum. Each bag includes ear defenders, sensory maps, a visual schedule and sensory toys.

Sensory Bag with items

Families may borrow a bag from our Visitor Services counter on Level 1 during their visit. The bags are available on a first come, first served basis and limited to one bag per family. To borrow a bag, caregivers will need to register at the Visitor Services counter with their photo ID, contact number and acknowledge a sign-out form.

NMS Easy Guides *NEW* 

The NMS Easy Guides are created for senior visitors to explore the galleries independently, and for organisations that are planning for a museum trip for seniors. Each guide contains an overview of the exhibition gallery, artefact highlights and guiding questions for self-reflection and/or conversations as visitors explore the Singapore History Gallery or Growing Up gallery. 

NMS Easy

There guides are also suitable for use as a conversational toolkit by individual seniors and/or senior care organisations, with their care partners and/senior care staff respectively, at home or at senior care centres. 

The NMS Easy Guides are available for download. Limited copies are also available at the museum. 

Kindly swipe right to scroll the table below for the guide download links.
 Versions  Gallery in focus 

Recommended duration

 Easy Guide for Seniors  Singapore History Gallery, Level 1   45 minutes  Click here
 Easy Guide for Seniors  Growing Up gallery, Level 2    30 minutes  Click here
 Easy Guide for Senior Groups   Singapore History Gallery, Level 1  45 minutes Click here
 Easy Guide for Senior Groups  Growing Up gallery, Level 2  45 minutes Click here