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Photography and Filming
Photography and Filming

Photography & Filming

Still photography and videography for private, non-commercial use as a visitor to the Museum is allowed. The use of a flash and tripod is prohibited. All commercial and personal professional filming and photography are only allowed with authorisation from the National Museum of Singapore.

Personal filming and photography

Wedding and family portraits can be conducted in the museum at S$180 for 2 hours, up to a maximum of 5 persons, including subjects, cameraman and crew. Personal filming/photo shoot outdoors on museum grounds is complimentary. For more information, please refer to the terms & conditions in the application form.

Large group, commercial filming and photography

Large group and commercial filming and photography can be conducted at the museum at S$250 for 1 hour. Please click here to submit a request for commercial filming and photography.

Media photographers, videographers and producers

Please send your request to nhb_nm_corpcomms@nhb.gov.sg and we will get back to you on your enquiry.


For the personal filming, photography, large group, commercial filming and photography requests, please note that:

  • Styling, makeup and change of attire is strictly prohibited in all the museum’s public spaces and is only allowed in the basement washrooms of the museum.
  • Filming/photography are not allowed in exhibition galleries, the admin office and outside level 1 washrooms of the museum.