Level 2



The second floor explores the theme “Home”.

Like all homes, Peranakan homes vary – from attap houses in kampongs to shophouses at the bustling heart of the city; from villas of the past to the HDB units of today. They were filled with furniture, furnishings and other items that were mostly bought at markets of port cities, where goods from all over the world were sold. Peranakan tastes were shaped by global regional trends, and reflect urban consumption patterns of the period.

The interior of a home reveals the lives of its inhabitants. Galleries here present objects related to family and community life, revealing a range of Peranakan customs, foods, languages and beliefs. 

Newly combining what was previously three galleries to be the single largest gallery in the revamped museum, the galleries reunite furniture, portraits and furnishings – some even once sharing the same home – in a method of display that focuses on historical houses and architecture, many of which have since been demolished and are survived by the objects on view.