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Anak Anak labels and activity trail for children

Activity Trail for children

Search for the specially written Anak Anak labels in our galleries and use the questions and prompts on them to encourage close-looking and conversation! For more fun-filled activities, download the accompanying activity trail booklet to guide you through your visit. Psst…Anak Anak means “children” in Baba Malay!

For ages 5 and up. Download activity trail here.


Exploration Zone and Fukusa: Japanese Gift Covers from the Chris Hall Collection

Exploration Zone

Welcome to the workshop!

Fukusa are Japanese silk covers that were draped or folded over gifts for a variety of occasions. Each fukusa was carefully chosen to convey a message to the recipient. They are exquisitely decorated using various techniques, including embroidery, weaving, painting, and dyeing.

In this space you can learn about how fukusa are decorated through close observation and tactile experiences. At the end, try your hand at weaving and embroidering with the hands-on stations and activity cards.



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