Peranakan Museum


LIKEABLES TPM programme 2 Detail Page


19 January – 22 February 2024

A likeable shape. Enigmatic, allegorical, abstract, familiar. Softness, unassuming, characterful, brut. Yet, to be likeable, does not define itself in such precise terms. Neither is its existence binary. A “delightful feeling” is perhaps the most apparent reaction to a likeable quality—a concept fundamental to the creative work of Studio Juju.

The “Likeables” exhibition presents a continuous exploration of objects and furniture designed by Studio Juju, with the pursuit of creating likeable physical form attributes that are emotive and experiential. Made with diverse techniques in various materials, the exhibition showcases the sensibilities and thought processes of the studio.

To endear and to treat our possessions with fondness roots us in the practice of preservation. Hopefully, this offers an alternate perspective of conscious consumption, where our possessions are treasured, enjoyed and used over prolonged time. 

This exhibition is supported by DesignSingapore Council. Visit for more details