Armenian Street Party 2018


Gather your kakis and join us as we bring Singapore HeritageFest to a rousing finish. Transport yourself back to those groovy days of the past. Come dressed in your most fabulous updo's, best batik prints, saris, and slinky cheongsams. enjoy comedic performances, traditional games, and you can dance 'round the block all night. Grab tasty bites too - enjoy a mix of old and new local flavours. An extravaganza awaits!


Glide over the links below and click to register for the following programmes:

Talk - Similarities and Differences in Traditional Eurasian and Peranakan Foods by Lloyd Matthew Tan

Talk - Others is Not a Race by Melissa de Silva

Human Library - Balik Kampong! by Josephine Chia

Xtend Barre by Upside Motion and DJ, Kenneth Francis

Tour - Pimp My Ride! Vespa Sideway Car Tour (Sold out)