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movie_poster_painter Ang Hao Sai - Poster Painter

He turned his skill to commercial art jobs just as the movie poster painting industry was declining. His ability to seize business opportunities when they came and his courage to adapt to changes have kept Hao Meng Art Studio growing into the second generation.

Ever wondered about the artist behind the lifelike painted posters advertising upcoming blockbusters of the silver screen? Born in Singapore, Mr. Ang Hao Sai was one such artisan whose excellent brushwork created these extravagant works of art. Displaying an early talent for art, Ang left school after Primary 6 to become an apprentice at a poster studio.

Ang eventually became the studio’s master painter, tasked to work on sections requiring fine detail such as the faces of movie characters. At its peak, painters worked in assembly-line shifts producing up to 50 posters each time.

After the studio closed down in the 1980s, Ang launched his own poster painting business in 1987. In keeping with the changing times, Ang also branched out to commercial projects such as signages and props. This plan later expanded into a major business involving the building and painting of stage backdrops. Over time, as the cost of labour rose and new printing technologies became readily available, Ang switched to inkjet printing of photo-real posters as the promotion of new films shifted from large billboards to online platforms. The family business continues to thrive today because of Ang’s foresight and quick adaptation to change. Today, he remains actively involved in his business.