Seeing Is Believing - Every Stamp Tells A Story!

Seeing Is Believing - Every Stamp Tells A Story!

Stamps are more than small pieces of colourful gummed paper that are used to pay for the delivery of mail.  Every stamp is unique and is a miniature piece of art.  Stamps are also the pride of a nation, as they tell stories that reflect the rich and diverse facets of a country.


Advancement in technology and innovative design enables countries to use special materials other than paper for their stamps.  Stamps can be infused with scents such as the whiff of chocolate for Belgium or glow-in-the dark ink to show nocturnal animals of the Night Safari.


Interesting materials which are iconic products of a country can be made into stamps such as Thai silk for Thailand, cork for Portugal, and laces for European countries.  Technology also allows special elements like Peranakan glass bead to be embedded onto Singapore stamps, and Swarovski crystals on Austrian stamps.


Come, engage your senses at this exhibition!




Sembawang Public Library

3 Aug –30 Aug 2020

Bukit Batok Public Library

1 Sep - 29 Sep 2020

Toa Payoh Public Library

1 Oct - 30 Oct 2020

Jurong Regional Library

2 Nov - 29 Nov 2020

Queenstown Public Library

1 Dec - 30 Dec 2020

 Singapore Post Centre (Atrium)  1 Jan - 24 Jan 2021
 Ang Mo Kio Public Library  1 Feb - 25 Feb 2021
 Serangoon Public Library  1 Mar - 30 Mar 2021
 library@harbourfront  1 Apr - 29 Apr 2021
 Clementi Public Library  3 May - 30 May 2021