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International Collection

The international collection has stamps from the Universal Postal Union from more than 200 countries.  The collection dates from 1967 to present day.

Here are some examples of stamps made of unusual materials:

Cork Tree, Portugal, 2007
Singapore Philatelic Museum Collection

The stamps are made from wafer-thin "paper cork", with a thickness of just 0.35mm. Portugal is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cork. It has the most agricultural land devoted to cork in the world. To protect the species, law has been put in place to prohibit stripping of the tree more than once every nine years.

Henri Delaunay Cup for UEFA EURO 2008, Austria, 2008
Singapore Philatelic Museum Collection

Austria is famous for its Swarovski crystals. It is perfect that Austrian Post collaborated with Swarovski to produce stamps embellished with such crystals. Swarovski is an Austrian company that enjoys a worldwide reputation. It was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 located in Tyrol, Austria. 

Save the Ghaf Tree, United Arab Emirates, 2011
Singapore Philatelic Museum Collection

The seed of the indigenous Ghaf tree is covered in the tree fibre and affixed onto one of the two stamps. The Ghaf tree is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ environment and heritage. The seed can be removed to be planted. 

Stamps on pop culture themes:

Popular culture such as comics, movies, music etc are featured on stamps. Here are some examples of collections displayed by Singapore Philatelic Museum in themed exhibitions.

Snoopy at the Post Office, Portugal, 2000
Singapore Philatelic Museum Collection

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Taiwan, 2004
Singapore Philatelic Museum Collection


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