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Singapore Postcards Collection

Postcards, as distinct from letters, were first used in Austria from around 1869, to provide a cheap means for brief communications. As postcards were lighter and more easily handled than letters, due to their standard size, they were offered at a lower postal rate. They proved very popular and soon postcards were produced and exchanged worldwide.


Stationery Postcard

The Straits Settlements issued its first official postcards in 1879. These official postcards were blank cards with a stamp affixed. Messages can only be written on one side while the other side was reserved for the name and address of the recipient.

1888 stationery card pre-printed with 1c for use within the Straits Settlements and the Malay States



Picture Postcard

In 1894, the British postal authorities amended their regulations to allow private postcards to be despatched at the same inexpensive rate. This led the way to the widespread introduction of illustrated postcards, and subsequently, photo postcards.

Greetings from Singapore (c. 1900) A postcard with five views.


Local Traffic, Singapore (1934)

A photographic postcard of the traffic along North Bridge Road at its junction with Stamford Road.  A bullock cart, rickshaws, a trolley bus and many cars are seen in this postcard.


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