Patron Of Heritage Awards

Commissioned Artists

Kaleb Loh and Tyco Tat have been specially commissioned to create the awards for the Patron of Heritage Awards 2016. The Singaporean and Canadian duo draws upon their range of expertise in design, art, craft, and science in crafting their creations. Their creative explorations are fueled by a desire to invent new ways for people to experience and interact with one of the world’s oldest mediums – ceramics.

The Awards, centred on the theme pivot, evoke the spirit of Singapore as an ever-evolving nation on the move. Pivot represents the shared heritage and cultural understanding around which much of what Singapore has been built on. The gentle, revolving motion of the Awards strings together the past, present, and future, metaphorically connecting our shared experiences as they come full circle.

Distinguished Patron Award (Blue), Patron Award (Orange), and Partner Award (Green)


Friend Award (Blue) and Supporter Award (Green)


Kaleb Loh is a Singaporean creative, with a background in graphic design and over a decade of experience in art directing for international advertising firms. His ideas inhabit and negotiate between two and three-dimensional worlds, approaching design and art with a focus on exteriorizing the expressive aspects of quietude and subtle, understated beauty. Kaleb practised under the guidance of a Japanese master in the pottery town of Tajimi, Japan – an experience that continues to bear significant influence on his works. He also draws inspiration from his travels and sojourns that have taken him to all corners of the world.



Tyco Tat is from Toronto, Canada, where he studied and worked in the field of human kinetics before embarking on an education and career in industrial design. He is fascinated by movement and transformation in the physical and natural world, and has a desire to translate these elements into his work. Tyco first discovered his love for working with clay as a student in the ceramics studio at OCAD, and has been experimenting and honing his craft ever since. He is currently based in Singapore.