Patron Of Heritage Awards


Minister Grace Fu at Patron of Heritage Awards 2016

The Patron of Heritage Awards was launched by the National Heritage Board in 2006 to celebrate the wonderful donations and contributions of individuals and organisations who have given to heritage causes.

Over the years, the heritage and museum sector has grown steadily. More people are visiting museums in Singapore, and participating in heritage events and activities. The flourishing of the heritage scene would not be possible without the generosity of supporters and benefactors.

We are extremely delighted to be able to honour the generous individuals and organisations that have played a key role in making heritage accessible, informative and inspiring to all the past year. Our Patrons, have not only contributed their time, money, artworks, family legacies, and expertise, but also provided a vital leadership in cultural philanthropy. We are heartened by their continued support.

We sincerely thank all Patrons for their contributions towards heritage.

Scope of the Awards

Various contributions can be considered for the Patron of Heritage Awards. They include donations in cash, in-kind, artworks, artefacts, and archival materials. The awards also cover the promotion and conservation of aspects of heritage relating to our architecture, community, society and culture.

Recipients of such donations could be private or non-profit institutions, which may include:

  • Museums, galleries and heritage centres
  • Educational institutions
  • Volunteer groups, societies, IPCs
  • Private museums and galleries
  • Companies and organisations involved in cultural activities



To be eligible for the Patron of Heritage Awards, organisations or individuals must have fulfilled either of the following during the qualifying period (typically the calendar year):

  • Contributed artefacts, artworks or archival materials to the collection of any museum or heritage institution in Singapore
  • Contributed to the building and development of museums and heritage institutions in Singapore
  • Played a pivotal role in creating memorable heritage events for the community at large
  • Contributed to publications and scholarships related to heritage


Qualifying Criteria

In addition to the existing Awards Criteria, in the year 2013 NHB introduced a new 'Supporter' category, which gives recognition to gifts valued between S$10,000 and S$49,999. This allows more individuals and corporations to be acknowledged for their support.

The Awards Criteria are given based on the following seven categories.

Donations in cash, kind or material:

  • Distinguished Patron: S$2 million and above
  • Patron: From S$1 million to S$1,999,999
  • Partner : From S$150,000 to S$999,999
  • Friend: From S$50,000 to S$149,999
  • Supporter: From S$10,000 to S$49,999 (New category)

Long-term loans (5 years or more) of materials (artefacts, artworks and others) within the qualifying period:

  • Distinguished Supporter of Heritage: Value of items worth S$1 million or more
  • Supporter of Heritage: Value of items less than $1 million