American Express Foundation

American Express Foundation believes in preserving and sustaining important heritage locations for future generations. In 2015, American Express Foundation adopted the Singapore River Walk, contributing generously to its revamp and refurbishment. This heritage trail takes visitors on a journey from Collyer Quay to Robertson Quay. Visitors will learn the story of the river and how it facilitated Singapore’s mercantile development through the various communities who lived and worked nearby. The walk also highlights the spectacular architecture and social history of the bridges that crisscross the river, which allowed for the movement of people and goods across the river at various junctures.

In 2016, American Express Foundation’s support towards the Singapore River Walk enabled the National Heritage Board to produce the Singapore River Trail Booklet and launch the Singapore River Walk Virtual Tour, which allows visitors to explore the iconic river on digital platforms. These new elements offer a comprehensive and cohesive retelling of this significant chapter of the Singapore story.

A site marker along the Singapore River Walk.

Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator

In partnership with the Singapore Night Festival for the third consecutive year, the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator hosted the Night Lights installation work Samara by artists Max Pagel and Jonathan Hwang.

As one of the oldest churches in Singapore with a rich heritage, the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory was a compelling location for the light installations, intertwining arts and heritage.

The staff of the church also shared their knowledge on Armenian folk songs used during the light installation.

Samara by artists Max Pagel and Jonathan Hwang, Singapore Night Festival


Mr Harry Chin Chun Wah

Mr Harry Chin Chun Wah graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1967. He was a founding member of the Singapore Watercolour Society in 1969. After graduating, he worked briefly at the former Radio and Television, Singapore, the Ministry of Culture, as well as the Housing and Development Board as an artist and designer. He resumed his painting career around 2010 and has staged several solo exhibitions since.

Mr Chin donated 19 of his personal artworks in various mediums to the NUS Museum.

Sketches, 1966, Harry Chin Chun Wah

Street Scene (Coffeeshop), 1978, Harry Chin Chun Wah


ERCO Lighting Pte Ltd

ERCO Lighting Pte Ltd are experts in the lighting of buildings, museums, and public facades.

In 2015, ERCO Lighting provided the design and fittings of a lighting display specially crafted for the Thian Hock Keng for the Telok Ayer Street Light-Up, a part of Singapore Heritage Festival. The ERCO team of lighting professionals helped audiences see the temple in a fresh light through their design, which highlighted the magnificence of the Temple’s architectural features and drew particular attention to Mazu, the Temple’s main goddess.

Goddess Mazu, Thian Hock Keng Temple


Mr Richard Eu

Mr Richard Eu helms Eu Yan Sang, his family’s legacy and transformed it from a small medical hall to one of the largest TCM groups in Asia. An avid supporter of the arts and a musician himself, Mr Eu was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 (Singapore). He was also recognised as the CEO of the year at the Singapore Corporate Awards 2010, for SGX-listed companies with a market capitalisation of under S$300 million.


Mr Eu serves as the Board Chairman of the National Museum of Singapore. In 2016, Mr Eu made cash contribution towards NMS' Special Exhibitions Fund and pledged further cash support till 2020.

Facade of the National Museum of Singapore

Mrs Lee Choon Guan Trust Fund

The Mrs Lee Choon Guan Trust Fund was established to engage in charitable pursuits, including causes in education and healthcare in Singapore and abroad. In recent years, the Trust Fund has also supported research in philanthropy, in the context of the local society and culture, to propel the future of giving.

In 2016, the Trust Fund generously donated towards the National Museum of Singapore Legacy Fund, to support its exhibitions and programmes.

Facade of National Museum of Singapore

Lee Foundation

The Lee Foundation made generous cash donations towards the Malay Language Council, Promote Mandarin Council and the Tamil Language Council, in support of various worthy initiatives such as the annual Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month), the year-long Speak Mandarin Campaign and the Tamil Language Festival.

Also a long-time supporter of the National Museum of Singapore, the Lee Foundation provided cash support towards the exhibition What is Not Visible is Not Invisible, which featured selected artworks from French Regional Collections of Contemporary Art (FRAC).

Launch of the Tamil Language Festival


Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month)


Speak Mandarin Campaign Culture Festival


What is Not Visible is Not Invisible, FRAC Exhibition


Professor Ng Yew Kwang

Professor Ng Yew Kwang, Winsemius Professor in economics, Nanyang Technological University and Emeritus Professor, Monash University, is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. He has published more than a dozen books and more than 200 refereed journal papers in economics, philosophy, psychology, etc., in journals and publications such as the American Economic Review.  In 2007, he received the highest award (Distinguished Fellow) of the Economic Society of Australia.


In 2016, Professor Ng generously supported in cash towards the plan to revamp the Nantah Pictorial Exhibition into the Museum of Nantah History, Chinese Heritage Centre, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Nantah Pictorial Exhibition


Ong Family

Two altars and accompanying religious paraphernalia from Bukit Rose, the family home of prominent Peranakan Ong Sam Leong (1857-1918), are part of a notable donation from his descendants. The highlight is a large sideboard ancestral altar featuring a painted portrait of the respected businessman and his wife. A photograph of his eldest son Ong Boon Tat (1888-1941) and his wives is attached to the painting.

Sideboard with painting of Mr and Mrs Ong Sam Leong and Mr and Mrs Ong Boon Tat, Singapore, early 20th century


Showtec International Pte Ltd

Showtec International Pte Ltd specialises in providing technical services for large scale outdoor events. At the 2016 Singapore Night Festival, Showtec International provided in-kind technical support, for the Night Lights installations and performances, including the popular Festival’s highlight act Invasion.

Invasion, Singapore Night Festival 


Mr Loren Shuster

Mr Loren Shuster donated three paintings by artist Huang Yao to the NUS Museum.


Huang Yao began his artistic career as the author of a series of comics featuring the character Niubizi which he created in 1934. The Second Sino-Japanese War forced him to leave China and his sojourns in Southeast Asia eventually brought him to Malaysia, where he produced Chinese ink paintings based on local Malaysian scenes.

Thoughts on a quiet night, Huang Yao

Outline sketches full basket, Huang Yao

Full Basket, Huang Yao


Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum (SAM) has been a major supporter of the Singapore Night Festival. In 2016, SAM supported the Festival with the use of its façade. SAM’s façade was beautifully lit with the Night Lights installation, Journey, by British artists Novak. SAM also supported the Festival by extending its hours and enhancing its programming to delight Festival-goers, with an array of performances by musicians and artists.

Journey by Novak, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore Night Festival


Mr Tan Teo Kwang

Mr Tan Teo Kwang was a student at The Chinese High School, where he was exposed to an art curriculum. He then studied design at St Martin’s School of Art in London from 1962 to 1967. Considering himself an abstract expressionist, Mr Tan did not abandon his Chinese roots, but endeavoured to meld ancient Chinese philosophy and concepts with contemporary practice in his works.


In 2016, Mr Tan donated two of his personal art works to the NUS Museum.

Jia Wu Series #34, 2014, Tan Teo Kwang


Jia Wu Series #35, 2014, Tan Teo Kwang


Mr Winson Tan

Consisting of over 148 pieces of Peranakan jewellery and 4 Nyonyaware (Chinese export porcelain for Peranakans in Southeast Asia), this remarkable donation by Mr Winson Tan is especially significant for its provenance. Mr Tan inherited the items as a direct descendant of Tan Kim Seng (1805-1864), a notable merchant and pioneer. Highlights include pieces that make up a bridal headdress, and porcelain pieces which are among the earliest types used by Peranakans in Singapore.

Hairpin, China, early 20th century


Yuvabharathi International School Pte Ltd

Yuvabharathi International School Pte Ltd (YBIS) is an institution which offers various education programmes from Montessori to Senior Secondary Level in Singapore.

In 2016, YBIS supported the Tamil Language Council’s Tamil Language Festival and pledged further support for the Festival in 2017. YBIS’ support allowed the Festival to continue and expand its outreach towards creating awareness and promoting the use of the Tamil language and culture, especially amongst the youth within the Tamil community.

Performance at the launch of Tamil Language Festival