Special Thanks


We would like to extend our gratitude to the following public agencies and institutions for their support in 2020.

  • DesignSingapore Council
  • Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism
  • Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • Singapore Tourism Board
  • Tote Board

Performance courtesy of Baba GT Lye

Baba GT Lye’s performances, featuring his original Peranakan pantun compositions, will bookend the awards ceremony. A pantun is a versatile rhyming quatrain form that can be applied as a poetic means of social banter to open and close proceedings as well as to musical genres such as dondang sayang (a lighthearted musical and poetic art form).

Baba Lye’s opening set expresses gratitude and respect to donors while the closing performance bestows blessings on attendees and encourages kind deeds. Baba Lye, an arts icon, specialises in Peranakan theatrical and poetic art forms.

Opening pantun

Di dalam reban ayam bertelur
Di dalam kolam ikan menjelma
Angkat dua tangan jari sepuloh
Sembah kamsiah sudah yang menderma

In the coop, hens lay eggs
In the pond, fishes appear
Raising both hands of fingers ten
Offering thanks to those who have given

Closing pantun

Petek di taman merah delima
Embun menitis buahnya basah
Membuat dermawan pahala di terima
Mohon teruskan sepanjang masa

Pick a pomegranate in the garden of Eden
The fruit is wet with dew drops
Blessings bestowed on thee’s donations
May these kind deeds continue forever

Performance courtesy of the Arab Network @Singapore

The folk dance, by a troupe presented by the local Singapore arab community, is typically performed during joyous occasions of the Hadhrami Arabs from Yemen who form the majority of Arabs with early roots in Singapore. The group’s Patron of Heritage Awards 2020 performance will highlight the assimilation and blending of Arabic heritage with local culture. The Arabic elements come through via the lyrics and tone of the songs while the local influences are reflected in the choice of musical instruments and the incorporation of Malay phrases. The costumes reflect both cultures.

The Arab Network @Singapore (AN@S) is a non-profit organisation established by service-minded individuals from the local Arab community. AN@S is inspired by the legacy of our forefathers to make Singapore peaceful and cohesive. In this spirit of service, AN@S is committed to ensure the less fortunate is given the much-needed social, family, community, educational, financial support they truly deserve.