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The Awards – Pillars

POHA Awards 2018POHA Awards 2018

POHA Awards 2018

The Award for the Patron of Heritage 2018 was specially commissioned by the National Heritage Board. Entitled Pillars, it represents vertical structures that reliably provide essential support for the community.

Pillars takes the form of 天子山, the Chinese characters for the Tian Zi Mountains, in Hunan province, and has been sculpted to resemble the eroded quartz sandstone peaks of these mountains, which were formed about 400 million years ago through the irregular rising patterns of the earth’s crust. The blue flowers (青花) on the Pillars are motifs meant to depict the oriental beauty of cherry blossoms.

The creative direction for the award stems from the Asian Civilisations Museum’s Season of Chinese Art. From June 2019 to mid-2020, the museum will present the best of Chinese art through masterpieces of art, heritage, culture and fashion from China and Singapore – bringing ancient Chinese traditions to a contemporary, international audience. Opening the Season of Chinese Art will be the blockbuster exhibition Guo Pei: Chinese Art and Couture.

Zestro Leow and Fyon Cheong

POHA Awards 2018 POHA Awards 2018

COMMON TOUCH CRAFT UNIT was founded by two home-grown artists, Zestro Leow and Fyon Cheong, who aim to create distinctive handcrafted ceramic art pieces by re-inventing the old with new and innovative forms.Their exquisite ceramic pieces are strongly influenced by the artists’ beliefs and aesthetic ideas of contemporary culture. Beyond collaborations with art markets to garner recognition for the artisans of Singapore, the pair seeks to elevate the humble time-honoured workmanship of ceramics by evolving it to a fine craft.