Patron Of Heritage Awards

The Awards – The Panu Illuma Trophy

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Pan-United Corporation Ltd (Pan-United) is a home-grown concrete innovation company and a global leader in concrete technologies. It is a key supplier of ready-mix concrete to Singapore's built environment. Pan-United uses its leading role in the sustainable concrete space to innovate safer, greener solutions for the countries in which it runs its business.

In 2017, Pan-United supported the National Museum of Singapore by providing a concrete mixer truck which formed the centrepiece of a quirky disco truck art installation in collaboration with French artist Benedetto Bufalino during the museum’s 130th anniversary.

In 2018, Pan-United supported NHB’s trademark festival, the Singapore Night Festival, by conceptualising a concrete art installation in the form of an illuminating arc bench that was made with PanU Illuma – a special translucent concrete.

In 2020, NHB is once again proud to work with Pan-United in conceptualising this year’s trophy using PanU Illuma. The commissioned award design symbolises how a basic building block such as concrete, just like our history and heritage, can engender unexpected inspiration with innovation and technology.


Janelle Loh - award designer and team lead from Pan-United 

The PanU Illuma trophy is a sensory experience. Its design was inspired by the wonder of crystals that glitter and sparkle upon catching the light.

The award matches the stability, durability and strength of concrete with the cultural significance of the Patron of Heritage Awards.

The team behind this project worked with a concept in mind: the buildings of tomorrow are shaped through new possibilities in concrete that make it smart and sustainable. Why not a sleek, noble-looking trophy to meld the science of concrete with art?