Curatorial Fellowship

The Indian Heritage Centre Research Fellowship is now open for application till 31, August 2021 (inclusive).

Masters and PhD candidates and PhD degree holders are invited to submit their applications on the following theme for the IHC’s forthcoming exhibition project on Singapore’s Malayalee community

S/N Theme Brief
1 Singapore’s Malayalee Community To research and document the waves of migration and settlement of Malayalees in Singapore, from the 19th century to the present. Through primary research and survey, the fellow would also be required to identify visual materials from private and institutional collections that would aid the reconstruction of the history and heritage of Singapore’s Malayalee community, some of which could be added to the Centre’s collection. The fellow would also have to survey literature/oral history recordings that might have been published/recorded in the primary language of the community (Malayalam).

The Malay Heritage Centre Research Fellowship is now open for application till 31, August 2021 (inclusive).

Masters and PhD candidates and PhD degree holders are invited to submit their applications on the following themes.

S/N Themes Brief
1 From Seguntang to Singapura
  • Pre-Islamic migratory narratives of the Malay world (e.g. starting with Sang Sapurba and Bukit Seguntang from Palembang to Minangkabau)
  • Oral histories and traditional folk wisdom as a medium in narratives of Malay identity
  • Stories of movement, not antiquity, to establish focus on Temasek and/or Singapura
2 Organising Society
  • Development of social/political/cultural groupings and associations from late 19th century onwards (e.g. literary societies like ASAS ’50, political associations like KMS, sports groups, etc) and their motivations/aims
  • Pioneers in civil, intellectual and cultural arts fields from the Malay/Muslim community
  • Institutions such as early vernacular schools, mosques as well as early co-operative and welfare institutions
  • Conflict and cultural faultlines such as Kaum Muda/Kaum Tua of 1930s – 1960s Ahmadiyyah movement
  • Fringe movements (e.g. women’s rights movement)
  • The impact of print culture and journalism on Malay political consciousness and identity
3 Defining Malay Identity in Post-Independence Singapore
  • Post-independence multiracial policies and continuities/contrasts from racial issues in other sections
  • Post-war welfare-based societies (e.g. Mendaki, AMP) and other organisations (e.g. SMCCI, MUIS), and other forms of political participation
  • Interactions with other Islamic communities (e.g. Arab Muslim communities, Indian Muslim communities)
  • Contemporary expressions of identity, diversity or cultural reform in multicultural Singapore

A stipend of between SGD2,000 to 5,000 per month will be provided to help cover expenses. The final rate of monthly stipend will be determined by the educational qualifications of the Fellow. Applications are limited to residents of Singapore.

Please note that applications which are already funded or being considered for funding by other agencies in Singapore, including other National Heritage Board grants such as the Heritage Grant, are not eligible for funding under this fellowship.

Only successful candidates will be notified. Please download the EDM here and here.

Application Instructions

Electronic applications should be submitted to Attachments should not exceed 10MB in size. Please download the form here for IHC and here for MHC.

Applications must be submitted together with the following supporting documents:

a. Curriculum vitae of the applicant;
b. Completed application form;
c. Research title and proposal;
d. A clear scan of the certificate of degree / Masters / PhD. If the certificate is not in English, a certified true copy of an official translation from the issuing university must be attached;
e. One writing sample or copy of a chapter of the applicant’s dissertation in English.

Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, 31 August, midnight.

Applicants will receive email acknowledgments of the receipt of their applications upon submission.

Incomplete and/or late applications will be disqualified and will not be considered.

For further information about these Fellowships, please contact