Heritage Education Programmes

Heritage Trails Adoption Scheme

Heritage Trails Adoption Scheme

The Heritage Trail Adoption Scheme (HTAS) is a flexible programme available to Primary, Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions. Under the scheme, schools are encouraged to adopt an existing or new NHB Heritage Trail or school-developed trail, and to integrate key heritage sites as unique learning spaces for their students.

Participating schools will receive trail guiding training for up to 30 selected students to become trail guides on their adopted trail. The scheme also has a “How-To-Teach Guiding” training programme for up to 20 teachers, that will teach and equip teachers with the necessary skills and confidence they need in sustaining and integrating the trail within school curriculum.

The scheme has been well-received by several schools and continues to be implemented across various school initiatives including leadership camps, learning journeys and orientation programmes. The scheme also complements core curriculum subjects such as Social Studies, History and Geography.

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