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Heritage Explorers

Heritage Explorers

The Heritage Explorers Programme is a unique initiative for primary school students that provides participants with a glimpse into museums and heritage professions. Students will embark on the journey of a Curator, Educator, Designer, Historian or Ambassador through creative role-playing activities that encourage deeper appreciation of our local history and heritage. These enjoyable experiences will allow students to foster close bonds with their family and the community, as active young contributors of our nation's history.

The programme complements core curriculum subjects including Social Studies, National Education and Character and Citizenship Education, and similarly encourages school-parent-community tripartite partnerships and parent-child bonding.

To date, over 70 Primary Schools and over 35,000 students have participated in the Heritage Explorers Programme. The programme aims to reach out to all Primary Schools in Singapore by 2022.

Heritage Explorers was also awarded the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Best Practice Award in 2017 for best practices in museum education.

Heritage Explorers

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