Grant Projects Showcase


Over the years, we have seen an increasing number of individuals and community groups step forward to play an active role in preserving our shared heritage. The NHB Heritage Grant Scheme has provided support for these heritage enthusiasts to develop heritage-related projects that seek to preserve and promote Singaporeans’ appreciation of heritage. 

Secrets in the Museum House and The Battle in the Peranakan House Museum
By Teck Whye Primary School

Secrets in the Museum House and The Battle in the Peranakan House Museum are stories are written by students from Teck Whye Primary School to raise awareness and appreciation of and for Peranakan culture amongst young children.

Click on the links to download the e-books.

The General History of Chinese in Singapore 《新加坡华人通史》
By Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA)

The General History of Chinese in Singapore《新加坡华人通史》by the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) was a publication conceived to address a gap in the documentation of the general history of the Chinese in Singapore, covering a period of about 200 years, spanning from year 1819 to year 2000.

This 800 page (originally planned to be 300 to 400-page) book in Chinese consists of 20 chapters structured according to themes. The chapters, written by different contributors who are historians and academics, look at themes such as migration, origin of groups and societies among the Singapore Chinese community, art and culture in Singapore, and politics and independence.

Please check with SFCCA for any queries on availability of the book.