Heritage Participation Grant

The Heritage Participation Grant supports a wide range of community heritage projects; these include programmes, events and exhibitions.


What does the Grant Support?

The grant supports applicants who wish to start community heritage projects that fall within any of the categories below. However, the list below is not exhaustive.

Project Categories Examples

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Guide on Developing Heritage Corners
  • Panel-style exhibitions on various places of historic interest around the neighbourhood
  • 3D interactive displays (can be in the form of online version or documentation, videos etc)
  • Documentation of community related stories (can also be in digital format)
  • Traditional art workshops, Oral History recording workshops, tours of heritage buildings or heritage trails
  • Community events that are based on themes of heritage


Who is the grant for?

The grant is open to individuals and organisations that are able to clearly demonstrate the heritage intent of the project and/or in-depth engagement with community.


How and when to apply?

To apply, please visit OurSG Grants and ensure that you have a valid SingPass/CorpPass.

  • Click here if you wish to register for Singpass.
  • Click here if you wish to register for CorpPass.


The grant is open for application up to four times a year. The table below lists the key dates and windows that you will need to keep in mind as you are preparing your application.

Application Closing Dates For Projects Launching After Expected Notification of Results
15 February 2020 June 2020 End April 2020
15 August 2020 December 2020 End October 2020
15 November 2020 March 2021 End January 2021
Acceptance of offer is three (3) weeks from date of Letter of Offer.


*The next application closing date for the Heritage Participation Grant will be 15 August 2020. The grant application window for May 2020 will be postponed to allow us to refine our processes to serve you better.


Who may I speak to for assistance?

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss your applications in detail, you are welcome to contact our NHB officers at 6332 4494/6332 4537 or e-mail