Major Project Grant

Major Project Grant (supporting up to 50% of relevant total project costs, subject to a cap of $150,000) aims to provide a higher level of support for projects with the potential to make a significant and lasting contribution to Singapore’s heritage scene. This grant also encourages a stronger and more sustained ground ownership of heritage projects through partnerships.



What does the Grant Support?

The grant supports larger-scale community heritage projects that fall within any of the categories below. The list is not exhaustive.

Note that projects related to the performing arts with performance as a primary component do not fall under the list of acceptable project categories. Applicant may consider applying for the grants schemes under the National Arts Council (NAC).

Project Categories Examples

  • Static or Interactive displays (can be permanent or temporary and/or in physical or digital format)
  • Documentation of community related stories (can also be in digital format)
  • Cultural workshops, oral history recording, guided tours of heritage buildings and public talks
  • Community events that are based on themes of heritage
  • Podcasts, video stories, etc
  • Permanent heritage corner, gallery, wall and/or stairways

For more information, please download the Heritage Grants Scheme Guidelines here.


Who is the Grant for?

The grant is open to the following individuals and groups:

  • Individuals must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents aged 18 years old and above and must be residing in Singapore;
  • Local interest groups, clans/associations and non-profit organisations must be registered with:
    1. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA); or
    2. Society registered with Registry of Societies (ROS); or
    3. Charitable Trust registered with the Commissioner of Charities (COC); or
    4. Co-Operative registered with the Registry of Co-operative Societies; or
    5. Trade Union registered with Registry of Trade Unions.
  • Informal groups of individuals must nominate either an individual (who is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR) or a locally legally constituted organization to undertake legal and financial responsibility for the application and administer the grant should any be awarded;
  • Non-profit educational institutions and educational institutions under the purview of the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Please refer to the table below for the Major Project Grant criteria.

Criteria Major Project Grant
Total Project Costs

Projects with total costs of S$100,001 and above
Type of Applicants

- Experienced in developing/managing heritage projects in the last five years or more. Prior good grants records with NHB and/or other public agencies

- Individuals must apply with a co-applicant(s), with projects that have confirmed partnership with at least one registered society (excluding vendors like publishers)

- Non-profit groups which can provide assurance of the continuation and completion of the project, regardless of any leadership or committee renewal

Type of Project

- High quality and impactful projects that fulfil a content gap in Singapore’s heritage and history, extending promotion of cross-cultural understanding or intergenerational engagement

- Limited or lesser known heritage themes, ethnic communities, traditions and trades, etc

- Larger scale projects involving robust qualitative research, effective and innovative use of inter-disciplinary methodologies, techniques and approaches to present heritage findings

- Projects with potential for sustainability and scalability

For more information, please download the Heritage Grants Scheme Guidelines here.

How and when to apply?

To apply, please visit OurSG Grants Portal and ensure that you have a valid SingPass/CorpPass.

  • Click here if you wish to register for Singpass.
  • Click here if you wish to register for CorpPass.

The grant is open for application two times a year. All applications must reach us on the closing date by 2359h. Late applications will not be accepted. The table below lists the key dates and windows that you will need to keep in mind as you are preparing for your application.

Application Windows Expected Notification of Results For Projects Commencing After Acceptance of Offer

4 Mar - 15 Apr

End July


Two weeks from date stated in the Letter of Award

4 Aug - 15 Sep

End December

February of the following year

Two weeks from date stated in the Letter of Award

Successful applicants must sign and return the Acceptance of Offer to NHB within two (2) weeks from date of Letter of Offer. All results are final.


Who may I speak to for assistance?

If you have any questions, or require more information, you are welcome to contact our NHB officers at