Heritage Conservation Centre
Heritage Conservation Centre

About the Heritage Conservation Centre

The Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) is the repository and conservation facility for the management and preservation of Singapore’s National Collection. The HCC building, located in Jurong, is a purpose-built facility that houses the centralised conservation laboratories for the treatment of object, painting and textile artefacts, as well as a laboratory designed to cater for scientific analysis, material testing and research.

What We Do

Heritage Conservation Centre

HCC plays a leading role in heritage conservation in Singapore, and focuses on three main objectives. Firstly, to set and maintain high professional standards of heritage conservation; secondly, to improve accessibility to the National Collection; and finally, to disseminate and share with the public our knowledge of heritage care. By leveraging on our expertise in the areas of conservation and collections management, we hope to expand our role in the heritage sector beyond Singapore, into the region.

HCC has a team of dedicated professionals to preserve, manage and provide the best possible care for the National Collection. It comprises the Collections Management and Conservation Services departments.

Collections Management

Collections Management covers the management of the National Collection, both in terms of storage and preventive conserv...

Conservation Services

The key role of Conservation Services is to conserve artefacts through preventive as well as interventive conservation.

Visiting the Heritage Conservation Centre

Discover the art and science of artefact conservation and preservation at the Heritage Conservation Centre. Home to more...

Research & Publications

Access research & conservation articles published by the Heritage Conservation Centre.

How to Care for Your Own Treasures

We are happy to share a tip or two on how you can conserve and restore your own treasures at home, such as your precious...