Digital Project Grant for Museum Roundtable Members

In light of the closure of museums and other non-essential services in Singapore during the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses and organisations are attempting to move their content online in order to continue providing services to the public.

To assist Museum Roundtable members in this challenging time, NHB has introduced a Digital Project Grant (DPG) to help defray costs incurred when developing digital content and programmes for their organisations.

What the Grant Supports

The DPG covers, but is not limited to, projects in the following areas:

  • Creation of virtual or augmented reality tours of museum/ gallery content;
  • 3D scans of artefacts/artworks;
  • Digital production of programmes (e.g. online games, videos, podcasts, worksheets, etc.);
  • Leasing of hardware and software, including time-limited licences for access to software to carry out the project*;
  • Production, material and logistic costs;
  • Intellectual Property (IP) costs such as licence fees for music, story adaptation and footage;
  • Website and mobile application enhancements; and
  • Professional services from providers for content development, production, insurance, etc.

* Applicants must stipulate the minimum period that the hardware and software must be in use.

Costs that are not supported by the DPG include:

  • Purchase of hardware or software for the project;
  • Creation of new websites or mobile applications;
  • Marketing costs;
  • Training courses for staff to manage the project; and
  • Projects that have already commenced or taken place before the date the grant results are announced.

Priority Areas

The DPG can defray costs in the digitalisation of institutions’ content and programmes. Priority will be given to digital projects that:

  • Contribute to or support current and future NHB signature programmes such as various heritage festivals, Children’s Season, International Museum Day, Battle for Singapore, or heritage-related celebrations (eg: Racial Harmony Day, Lunar New Year, Deepavali, etc.);
  • Incorporate content that encourages family and inter-generational bonding beyond the COVID-19 outbreak; and/or
  • Incorporate content that contributes to the public’s appreciation of Singapore’s heritage and history beyond the COVID-19 outbreak.

What the Grant Covers

The grant quantum will be awarded in 3 tiers based on an assessment of the strength of the proposal and the number of partnerships and new jobs the project will create for the sector. The table below outlines the highest quantum that will be awarded:


Highest possible quantum

Highest tier

Up to 100% or $20,000 of total supportable costs, whichever is lower

Middle tier

Up to 70% or $10,000 of total supportable costs, whichever is lower

Lowest tier

Up to 50% or $5,000 of total supportable costs, whichever is lower. 

Assessment Criteria

The DPG project will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Strength of Proposal 

  1. The proposal highlights the content of the museum and its programmes in an engaging way for the target audience, and uses digital tools that best complement the museums’ intended objectives.

  2. The proposal is able to contribute to current NHB festivals and programmes as listed in the priority areas (e.g. Children’s Season, International Museum Day, Racial Harmony Day, etc).

  3. The proposal engages the public through inter-generational activities and/or issues related to Singapore’s heritage. 

  4. The proposal is able to be redeveloped and extended to enhance the museum’s programmes beyond COVID-19.


Potential of Job Creation 

  1. The proposal clearly illustrates the new job opportunities for the heritage and culture sector that will be made available through the project. 

  2. The proposal clearly outlines the specific roles assigned to effectively manage and complete the project. 



The DPG is open to Museum Roundtable museums that are privately owned and/or operated.

Each eligible museum can apply up to a maximum of two times during the open call period. Priority will be given to the first submission of all applicants. Each applicant can receive up to a maximum of $40,000 from the DPG.

Application Process

Please apply for the grant using the application form appended in Annex A.

Submission Deadlines

Open call starts:

Apply by:

Notified by:

Projects must be completed by

18 May 2020

14 September 2020

5 October 2020

31 March 2021

Note: Projects can only commence after the Letter of Offer has been sent to the applicant. The project start date has to be on or after the date on the Letter of Offer. Proposals that are submitted earlier may be notified before the official notification date of 5 October 2020.

We regret that late submissions will not be considered.

  1. Please submit all application forms to:, with in the cc list. Please include “DPG2020 Submission_[insert museum name]” in your email subject.
  2. All submissions should be in word format, additional attachments and images should not exceed 5MB.
  3. ZIP files cannot be encrypted or locked with password.

Disbursement Process

Following NHB’s evaluation, all successful applicants will receive a formal Letter of Offer, via email. Successful applicants are to sign the Letter of Offer and return a signed copy to NHB, via email.

NHB will disburse 80% of the grant quantum to the successful applicant within two weeks of the date of receipt of the signed Letter of Offer.

MR members will receive the remaining 20% of the grant quantum upon completion of the project and submission of a Post-Project Evaluation Form (Annex B), as well as other supporting documents listed in the form (e.g. photographs or screen captures of project, invoices, publicity, media releases, etc).