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International Museum Day (IMD) Symposium 2022

The Power of Museums

18 May 2022, Wednesday, 9.30am to 6pm.

Virtual event via Zoom.

About the Symposium

The theme for the International Council of Museum’s (ICOM) 2022 International Museum Day, The Power of Museums, recognises museums as places of discovery that teach us about our past and compels us to open our minds to new ideas. As spaces for education, intellectual discourse, and research, museums have immense power to shape the thoughts, behaviours, and the actions of people. Museum professionals are thus uniquely placed to catalyse social awareness and action on contemporary issues facing our world today, in the hopes of building a better future for our respective communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic and Climate Change are two such issues challenging the world today, and museums have the power to lead the way in presenting and facilitating conversations on innovative and sustainable solutions to these vexing issues. Museums especially have a role to play in engaging and educating our youth who could chart fresh perspectives and new directions for the museum sector.

Organised by the ICOM Singapore, the National Heritage Board (NHB) and the Singapore Museum Roundtable, this conference will introduce three panels with the aim of exploring the power of museums to innovate, to call for awareness and action on climate change, and to be platforms for the voices of our youth.

We invite you to be part of this important conversation on the power of museums to play these important roles.

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Symposium Programme and Speakers List

Singapore Time (GMT +08)


0930 – 0935


0935 – 0940

Opening Remarks by Ms Chang Hwee Nee, Chief Executive Officer/National Heritage Board & Chair of ICOM Singapore 

0940- 0945

Opening address by Mr Alberto Garlandini, President of ICOM

0945 – 1015

Panel 1: Museums X Sustainability

The operation of museums consumes significant amounts of energy and resources. From the climate control needed for exhibitions, the customisation of time-limited exhibition showcases, the construction of crates to transport artefacts, to the materials and chemicals needed for conservation, museum practices if applied carelessly, could result in a high amount of waste or environmental degradation. This panel examines how museums and the larger cultural sector can work to develop infrastructure, processes, and programmes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Sarah Sutton
Chief Executive Officer, Environment and Culture Partners
United States of America


Marie-Claude Mongeon
Project Manager, Strategic Planning, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal & Member of the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice


1015 – 1025

10 mins break


1025 – 1155

Panel 1: Museums X Sustainability (continued)



Joseph Tan
Executive Director, Singapore Discovery Centre


Kim McKay
CEO, Australian Museum



Assoc Prof Lim Tit Meng
Chief Executive Officer, Science Centre Singapore


1150 – 1400



1400 – 1530

Panel 2: Museums X Youths

The Museum Roundtable got together a group of youth speakers for IMD Singapore Symposium 2022. Did our museums slay, or leave them shooketh? Find out at this panel!

Each generation has a communication and engagement style that is characterised by modes of expressions unique to their time and context. Museums today have sought to reach out to youths in ways that are accessible and interesting. In this inaugural youth panel for IMD Singapore Symposium 2022, youth speakers and moderators will share their experiences visiting, volunteering, and working in museums, and what would interest and engage them most at museums.




Tricia Wee & Ng Ping Siang
Youth Representatives
National Heritage Board Youth Panel


Aida Ahmad, Megan Lau, & Chee Jin Ming
Alumni of National Gallery Singapore’s Kolektif progrmme


Megan Mortales
Mind Mover, The Mind Museum & youth member, ASPAC (Asia Pacific Network for Science and Technology)
The Philippines


Stephanie Yeap
Editor, PLURAL Art Mag




Iris Puspabening
Executive, STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery


1530 – 1545



1545 – 1745

Panel 3: Museums X Innovation

Museums have immense potential to be spaces for technological experimentation, innovative storytelling, and historical, scientific, and geographical exploration. These opportunities allow museum professionals the flexibility to experiment with innovative and new ways of engaging visitors and presenting museum experiences. This panel looks at why innovation is key to transforming museum experiences, what are some technological trends that have entered the museum space and examines the roadblocks to innovation that confront museum professionals today.




Roei Amit
General Manager, Grand Palais Immersif (Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais group)


Kevin Lim
Deputy Director, Digital Innovation and Transformation
National Gallery Singapore


Represented by Takashi Kudo, Communications Director



Jervais Choo
Deputy Director, Organisational Design and Innovation, National Heritage Board


1745 – 1750




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About IMD Singapore Symposium 2022

IMD Singapore Symposium 2022 is a signature event organised by ICOM Singapore in collaboration with the NHB and the Singapore Museum Roundtable to encourage thought leadership and the sharing of best practices amongst museum professionals.

About ICOM Singapore

The ICOM Singapore National Committee represents all ICOM members in Singapore. Presently chaired by Ms Chang Hwee Nee, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Heritage Board of Singapore, ICOM Singapore is supported by a secretariat at the NHB and works closely with the Singapore Museum Roundtable.

About the Museum Roundtable

The Museum Roundtable is a collective established by the National Heritage Board in 1996 to promote a museum-going culture amongst Singaporeans and to position museums as unique cultural destinations. The members comprise over 60 public and private museums and heritage galleries covering the subjects of national history, culture and community, art, defence, lifestyle and collectibles, healthcare, science and innovation. Together, members collaborate on exhibitions, festivals and programmes, share best practices and focus on raising the capabilities of members.