The Museum Roundtable Secretariat invites MR members to nominate their digital programmes to be appraised according to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium for Digital Accessibility (W3C). The objectives of this digital appraisal exercise are to encourage MR members to design more digital interfaces that are accessible to a wide range of audiences, and to identify one digital project as a case study for best practices and areas for improvement.

What to expect:

The shortlisted proposal(s) will be selected for an appraisal by the Centre for Accessibility, Australia, based on the criteria outlined in the Web Content for Accessibility Guide (WCAG). With the completion of the appraisal, the museum will be given a comprehensive report with recommendations for decision makers and pointers that digital and IT teams can adopt to review the accessibility needs of users.

To encourage MR members to design more accessible digital interfaces, the MR Secretariat will absorb all costs of the WCAG appraisal exercise, and MR members can choose to refine these interfaces at their own discretion.

What can be submitted:

Examples of digital programmes that can be submitted for appraisal (limited to one interface per application):

  • Website (with videos, audio and other interactive features);
  • Mobile Application;
  • Virtual Tour Interfaces; or
  • Social Media Platform.

Selection criteria:

In this pilot programme, only one digital programme per MR member will be selected for the appraisal exercise. The selection criteria are as summarized in the table below:

Museum’s current commitment to access and inclusion


Applicant should be able to articulate the museum’s current accessibility and inclusion strategy and plans, including some examples of programmes designed for target audiences.

Sound reasons and plans to improve museum’s digital accessibility


Applicant should be able to provide sound reasons for the need for the appraisal, with a commitment to make necessary refinements based on appraisal report.

Commitment from applicants:

In the spirit of peer learning and sharing, MR members who have benefitted from the appraisal will be required to share their findings and experiences at one of the Museum Roundtable capability development platforms and/or a local or international conference/symposium.

Submission guidelines:

This open call starts on 10 December 2021 and closes on Monday, 31 January 2022, 1800hrs. Results of successful applications will be announced in 2022.

Please submit your application here or scan the QR code below to access the application form.