ACM & Friends Fun Pack

Activity Kit

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A resource for independent learning both in and out of ACM, the ACM & Friends Fun Pack has been specially designed for children and adults across all learning abilities in consultation with SPD. Print out the activity sheets inspired by ACM objects, follow the instructions, and have an enjoyable time learning about these artworks through play. The puzzles and hands-on activities in the kit can be used at home or during a self-guided visit to ACM.

Download the fun pack here.


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Instructional Video

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Are you a teacher or caregiver? Watch this instructional video to learn how to use the ACM & Friends Fun Pack.

Learn more about the objects featured

Head to NHB’s one-stop heritage portal,, to read more about the objects featured in the fun pack.


There's more!

Check out other videos and download e-resources inspired by other objects in ACM's collection.



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