ACM publishes a catalogue to accompany most special exhibitions at the museum. In addition, we produce collection highlights books and focused studies on parts of the collection.

Our books are available at Supermama the Museum Store at ACM and many local bookstores.

Local orders can be made at Read a Book store.

For international orders, please search at or contact our distributor, Alkem Books directly:

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《四海汇风华:亚洲文明博物馆 百件珍藏》100 Masterpieces of the Asian Civilisations Museum

This is a boxed set of five books, in Mandarin, featuring 100 exquisite highlights of the ACM Collection, written by ACM’s Mandarin Guides. 《四海汇风华:亚洲文明博物馆 百件珍藏》这套图文并茂的书, 介绍亚博珍藏的一百件精品。

ACM Treasures: Collection Highlights

ACM Treasures, a new collection highlights book, follows the structure of our museum's permanent galleries, with sections dedicated to Trade, Faith and Belief, and Materials and Design.

Andrew Gn: Fashioning Singapore and the World

Andrew Gn: Fashioning SIngapore and the World explores the life and work of one of Singapore's most successful designers. Three essays and over 100 works reveal the cross-cultural influences that inform Andrew Gn's creative process, his focus on intricate craftsmanship, and his cultural identity as a designer.

Director's Choice: Asian Civilisations Museum

The objects presented in this book tell stories of the trade and the exchange of ideas that were the result of international commerce, as well as the flow of religions and faith through Asia. Director Kennie Ting has chosen his personal favourites from the collection, collaborating with ACM curators to provide readers with insightful descriptions of these masterpieces as well as a broad introduction to the museum.

Life in Edo x Russel Wong in Kyoto

This book accompanies a special exhibition of Edo-period Japanese woodblock prints and contemporary photographs of Japan by Singaporean Russel Wong at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

The Tang Shipwreck: Art and Exchange in the 9th Century

This ACM produced book contains the latest and most up-to-date info on this important archaeological find.


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