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At ACM, we provide programmes and resources for students of varying ages and educational needs. Come visit us to engage with the museum’s unique collection of Asian art and antiquities.


Book a school visit

Students can experience the ACM collection through gallery visits, resources, and programmes. Book your visit at BookMuseums@SG, a one-stop e-service for teachers to browse programmes offered by NHB museums and heritage institutions.

For SPED schools, accessibility organisations, and social service agencies, book a visit, or drop us an email at


Learning resources

We offer a range of educational materials that can be used on museum visits, or back in the classroom. Explore our resources.



A nursing room is available at the restroom located on the basement level. Please use the spiral staircase outside Privé café, or the lift opposite the staircase entrance. Standard-sized strollers are permitted within the galleries, but please be careful in tight spaces. Check out other amenities.


Tips on visiting the museum

We hope to create a safe and pleasant environment for all. Share these tips with students before your visit.

  • Objects on display can be very fragile. To preserve them for future generations, please do not touch the objects.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the galleries.
  • Take as many photos as you wish, but please don’t use flash.
  • Talking is allowed, of course, but try not to shout or yell.
  • Only pencils are allowed in the galleries. So please use them with prepared worksheets. Pen marks on walls or panels are difficult to erase.
  • Large backpacks, cabin bags, tripods, selfie sticks, and other bulky items are not allowed in the galleries. These items can be stored in the lockers located near the lobby.
  • Benches in most galleries encourage resting or thinking, or just staring at the artworks on display – feel free to use them.



For further enquires, drop us an email at

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