Activities and Events


Activities & Events

WonderBot’s Garden Party!

23 & 30 Jul 2023

Get dressed up and engage your senses with WonderBot and his friends as you join them on a garden-themed birthday party! Discover the flora and fauna in Singapore and various local food enjoyed by different communities during birthday celebrations through this trail of food and nature.


Activities & Events

Would You Be My Friend?

29 & 30 Jul 2023

Enjoy an afternoon of museum fun and storytelling based on a Korean bestseller children’s title, 알사탕 Magic Candies, which tells a tale of how an introverted child gradually making friends with the help of some magic candies.


Activities & Events

Travel Back in Time with WonderBot and Friends!

22 & 29 Jul 2023

Have you ever wondered how life was like in Singapore a long, long time ago? Come get on a ship, be a coolie and explore the old marketplace as you travel back in time with WonderBot and his friends to Singapore 200 years ago!


Activities & Events

Explore Jobland with WonderBot

Together with WonderBot, discover various occupations in the past and present-day through a series of hands-on activities.



Everyday Superheroes

23 Jun 2023, Fri

In this workshop, Artist Josef Lee will guide young creators to design superheroes based on professions they see around them.


Activities & Events

A Boxful of Stories: Hopes and Dreams

8, 9, 15, 16 Jun 2023

Join Story Makers from Zip Zap Zoom Collective and have a romp of a time improvising a story with them!

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