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A Voyage Back In Time

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Go on a time-travelling voyage with our Captain and WonderBot to olden Singapore.

The Hidden Chamber

Theatre Show (every 20 mins interval).

Not available on 10 & 11 December 2022. 

The Hidden Chamber welcomes children with a short immersive theatre show. Objects from our Captain's secret stash come alive as animation and share stories of where they come from. 

Ahoy Singapore

Sail back in time with our Captain on her ship laden with treasures! Experience sailing in rough and stormy weather. Disembark at an exciting port called Singapore and get ready to explore.

The Marketplace

Explore bustling shophouses, listen to stories of shopkeepers and try your hand at heritage trades in Singapore including street barbers and traditional letter writers. Many sights and sounds await you!

My Neighbourhood

Return to the present! Explore this colourful, modern neighbourhood. There’s even a post office where you can design your own stamps!

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