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Heritage Education Highlights 2017

The National Heritage Board (NHB) has a wide range of exciting exhibitions and programmes rolled out for 2017. These programmes encourage discovery and appreciation of Singapore’s heritage in a fun and immersive way. Heritage education plays a key role in maintaining and celebrating our identity, and establishing a foundation so that we can look with confidence to the future.

As part of the heritage education life cycle approach, these programmes will accompany every student right from their pre-school days to tertiary education level. They will remember fondly of the opportunity to learn about Singapore’s culture and heritage at various stages of their academic journey.

TAs we identify the key competencies necessary to thrive in the 21st century, we are conscientiously working with key education partners and schools to ensure that our content and programming remain at the cutting edge of heritage education, while complementing the Ministry of Education’s efforts to provide a holistic education. This brochure is intended as a one-stop, easy reference tool for educators to explore the various events and activities our museums and institutions have to offer. Do visit us and experience heritage up-close!

Download the Heritage Education Highlights 2017.

School Heritage Corners Programme

Our School Heritage Corners Programme is a part of the Heritage Participation Grant and aims to enable schools to establish heritage corners. Heritage Corners allow schools to document their history and heritage, along with local community heritage and national heritage.

The goal of the Heritage Corners Programme is to provide schools with a platform to cultivate a sense of belonging and identity, to allow schools to act as a focal point for community heritage, to complement the school curriculum and learning outcomes, and to nurture heritage enthusiasts.

Download the Guide on Developing Heritage Corners

View more information about NHB's Heritage Participation Grant.

Learn more about the Heritage Participation Grant Guidelines.

Download the Heritage Participation Grant Application Form for Schools.

Have a look at Completed Heritage Corners

Heritage Trails Adoption Scheme

Since 1999, National Heritage Board has been developing heritage trails to promote appreciation for our local history and heritage. The Heritage Trail Adoption Scheme aims to encourage greater appreciation and interest in our local history and heritage. Under this scheme, schools are given the opportunity to adopt one of NHB’s heritage trails and training will be provided to train students as trail guides for the adopted trail which will be integrated into the school curriculum. The programme has since grew and currently its guiding training programme has been extended to schools who have developed their very own heritage trails.

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Download the Guide on Developing Heritage Trail

Who may I speak to for assistance?

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about the programme, you may e-mail

Resilience Trails

Resilience Trails

The Resilience Trails consist of 9 thematic trails that aim to develop students' appreciation for Singapore's history and heritage. Commissioned by the Resilience Division of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and NHB, each trail is presented in the form of an educational guided tour. Participants will undergo a learning journey filled with inspiring stories from major historical events that shaped our nation. School participating in the programme may apply to NHB for a 50% subsidy that would be given on a reimbursement basis.

Download the Resilience Trails Guide

For more information, please e-mail

Heritage Explorers Programme

The Heritage Explores Programme is targeted at primary school students and aims to raise students’ awareness and interest in local and community heritage. By role-playing heritage professions such as curator, educator, designer, historian or ambassador, students can discover and have better understanding of their family, community and our nation’s history. These tasks complement the learning of Social Studies, National Education and Character and Citizenship Education.

This programme is free for a limited time period only and the registration period is from 9 January to 3 March 2017.

For teachers:

Download the Heritage Explorers Educators’ Guide.  
Download the Heritage Explorers Presentation Slides (PDF version). 
Download the Application Form and Badge Request Form.

For students:

Download the templates.
Download the Reflection Form and Completion Card

Museum Etiquette

Planning a visit to the museum with your children? Watch this animated video with them prior to your museum visit and share with them the do's and don'ts when visiting a museum.