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25 Sep 2022

Get ready to strut your stuff and be dazzled by contemporary fashion in Asia.

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Batik Kita Lecture: Imran bin Tajudeen
Lectures In-Museum Free Admission

24 September 2022, 3-4 pm

This talk looks at batik motifs connected with the depiction of place settings or as more abstract representations of natural phenomena in the wider context of Javanese conventions of landscapes in the arts.

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Batik Kita Lecture: Sabine Bolk
Lectures In-Museum Free Admission

17 September 2022, 3-4 pm

Sabine Bolk presents a short inspiring global history of batik, and European influence on Javanese batik

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Wessie Ling
Lectures Virtual FREE

15 September 2022, 7-8 pm

Professor Wessie Ling will share how global fashion can be taken as a site for multiple layers of world encounters that lead to intriguing cultural dynamics.

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Batik Kita Lecture: Lee Chor Lin
Lectures In-Museum Free Admission

10 September 2022, 3-4 pm

Lee Chor Lin explores the origins of the batik shirt and its development from a post-colonial and tradition-subversive sartorial move to its ascendancy on the global stage.

Detail from a kain panjang textile
Batik Kita Lecture: Azhar Ibrahim
Lectures In-Museum Free Admission

3 September 2022, 3-4 pm

This talk aims to delineate two of the Nusantara’s most well-known iconic cultural forms, namely batik and pantun.

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