Free admission to the Plastic: Remaking Our World exhibit from 22–23 June 2024
Story of the Forest will be closed on Friday, 28 Jun 2024 from 4pm to 7pm.
Parts of the National Museum of Singapore are undergoing restoration and upgrading works.
We remain open with exhibitions, programmes as well as dining and retail offerings.
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Give to the Museum

The National Museum of Singapore greatly relies on the support from our dedicated donors and generous friends like you. Every contribution makes a difference, allowing us to continue presenting fresh and thought-provoking perspectives of Singapore’s history and keep our stories and traditions alive.

We welcome any amount of support. You can make a secure online donation here:

Step 1

Log into your bank’s mobile banking app

Step 2

Scan PayNow QR code using your mobile banking app

Step 3

Enter your desired donation amount. Input "NMS" under the Reference Number field and confirm the transfer.


Alternatively, you may also donate through our patron programme here.


Our Donors

The National Museum of Singapore is grateful for the generous support of our donors who have contributed significantly through cash, artefacts and in-kind donations, as well as donors who have wished to remain anonymous.

List of donors

Join the NMS Giving Circle

The NMS Giving Circle is an exclusive patron programme for individuals, foundations, and institutions to champion the presentation of historical, cultural and artistic content. All funds raised will go towards supporting our exhibitions, family and education programmes, and curatorial research.

NMS Giving Circle

Your patronage makes a huge difference in helping us keep our stories and traditions alive, and allows us to embark on creative integrations of culture and technology. Membership in the NMS Giving Circle starts at SGD $1,000. A variety of privileges are offered in this patron programme.

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To find out more, please contact us:

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Join the Museum’s Corporate Programme


The Corporate Programme at the National Museum of Singapore is designed for corporations, institutions and foundations who wish to fulfill their stakeholder engagement mandate while making an impact on the heritage sector in Singapore. The Corporate Programme is a three-year patronage programme offering our partners the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy access to the museum’s offerings all year round through all-access exhibition passes
  • Gain exclusive experiences through invitations to special events and previews
  • Host your stakeholders to a unique experience / event at any one of the museum’s spaces
  • Enjoy recognition and acknowledgment on the museum’s public platforms
  • Provide your employees the opportunity to engage with culture through exclusive offerings
  • Be an active part of Singapore’s legacy building

To request for more information, please contact

Support Our Exhibitions


Corporate support helps the National Museum of Singapore present exceptional and high-quality exhibitions that will continually inspire and engage society. Our special exhibitions enable us to not only expound on our National Collection through innovative ways, but also bring world-class exhibits to Singapore.

Opportunities to Support in 2024

The National Museum of Singapore relies on generous support through sponsorships to further our mission to inspire with stories of Singapore and the world.

We would like to seek your support for the upcoming showcases:

PLAY:DATE – Unlocking the Cabinets of Play (working title)

Explore the social history of toys that were ubiquitous in Singapore from the 1980s to the present, and the stories of everyday toys that Singaporeans have played with over the years through an immersive experience.


Amazônia is an exhibition featuring more than 200 images by award-winning Brazilian documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado.

This immersive and multi-sensory exhibition spotlights the Amazon region and its ecosystems coming under the threat of deforestation and climate change. The exhibition additionally features the voices, portraits, and perspectives of 10 of the 169 ethnic groups living in the region.

Encompassing video installations, soundscapes, and slide projections, the exhibition is a powerful visual and sonic experience showcasing the beauty and majesty of the largest rainforest on the planet, while issuing an important call to protect and conserve what has been called the "lung of the world".

You can support us in the following ways:
  • Cash Sponsorship
  • In-Kind Sponsorship for products and services that can elevate the visitor experience.

Your support is essential to the work that we do. Your contribution allows us to continue to present exciting exhibitions and offerings to our visitors and future generations.

The museum also works with partners on our community programmes to engage all segments of the community in presenting our heritage. To find out more about corporate opportunities at the National Museum of Singapore, please contact us at


Capital Campaign for Revamp


The National Museum of Singapore is revamping its permanent galleries from 2024 to 2026. This revamp will allow us to continue to preserve our stories for many generations, and present new approaches to storytelling. These include the use of relevant multimedia technologies to connect with visitors, and the museum’s latest direction in documenting Singapore’s contemporary history.

To support these efforts, the museum is raising capital from individuals, foundations and corporations who believe in our vision to inspire the public with stories of Singapore and the world. There are several ways you can support the museum:

Adopt an Artefact

The ‘Adopt An Artefact’ initiative was established to raise monies for the enhancement of our museum’s Life in Singapore galleries on Level 2.

The Life in Singapore galleries augment the content presented in the Singapore History Gallery by “zooming in” to what life in Singapore was like, with a stronger focus on the personal stories of regular Singaporeans. They present snapshots of everyday life in Singapore throughout the different eras in our history.

This is a unique opportunity for partners and patrons who can support this refresh by adopting one of our museum's artefacts through a donation. Artefacts for adoption have been curated from the Singapore History Gallery based on their historic significance and rich provenance. The artefacts are presented in three categories: Our Star Artefact, Our National Treasures & Our Singapore Stories.

Please refer to the PDF catalogue below for the list of artefacts for adoption* and donor privileges.

View catalogue

*The Singapore Stone and the Revere Bell have been adopted

Make your Mark on Site

Marked Historic Sites are places of historical significance where important events or personalities are commemorated to serve as reminders of our history. Although the original buildings may no longer remain, their stories continue to be told through their heritage markers, which contain interesting nuggets of information on the history of the site.

The site markers at the National Museum reveal the stories of different sites within the museum’s grounds and building, teaching visitors about the museum’s history and key architectural features.

There are a total of 11 site markers, four of which are located outdoors. The site markers are available for adoption for 3, 5 or 10 years at a donation of $110,000, $165,000 and $250,000 respectively. All funds raised will go directly towards the revamp of our museum’s permanent galleries and the preservation of our historic building.

Naming Opportunities

The Glass Rotunda gallery, which currently houses the popular Story of the Forest installation, will be redeveloped into a brand new gallery / showcase and is slated to reopen in 2025. This presents a rare and exciting naming opportunity for interested family foundations and corporations to leave a legacy at the nation’s leading cultural institution.

To find out more, please contact us at