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Plastic: Remaking Our World charts the material’s meteoric rise in the 20th century, its environmental impact, and cutting-edge solutions for a more sustainable way of using plastics in our society.

Featuring over 300 objects, posters, films, and photographs, including rarities from the dawn of the plastic age, objects of the pop era and contemporary designs and projects, the exhibition also includes a local narrative of Singapore’s history with plastics, featuring a blend of physical and digital display of National Collection items as well as an interactive space.

The exhibition is divided into 3 sections that cover the theme of plastic and its prevalence in society over the years.


An immersive film installation created by Asif Khan contrasting the long-term formation of oil with the rapid generation of plastic waste

Synthetica, Petromodernity and Plasticene:

Plastics from 1850 until today: Featuring global design movements and the increasing pervasiveness of the material, this section describes the development of early natural and synthetic plastics, the evolution of the material and the shifting perceptions of plastics from their beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century to their global omnipresence today.


The final section explores how we can achieve a circular plastic economy and looks to spark conversations on using plastic in a more sustainable way. The exhibition continues outside the gallery with a sorting zone where visitors can learn about the different types of plastic, and an injection machine that repurposes waste plastic into functional household items.

Visitors can also look out for Plastics in Singapore labels that offer insights on objects from our National Collection by scanning the QR code provided.

Plastic: Remaking Our World eBrochure

Download our e-brochure to navigate the gallery. We encourage the use of the digital brochure as part of the National Museum’s commitment to work towards a greener and more sustainable Singapore.

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Plastics in Our Lives interactive space

27 Jan – 23 Jun | 10am to 7pm | Free Admission

Step into a home full of objects, located outside the exhibition! Come and explore the pervasiveness of plastics in our daily lives and learn fun facts about items that may contain plastics. Enjoy the Green Detective’s Challenge, an on-site gamified experience and more.

Look out for our additional room and participatory installation, the Shore Debris Table by artist Ernest Goh, coming soon in March!


In commemoration of Earth Day on 22 April, join us for a special series of programmes and renew your commitment to a sustainable future with a free promise ring, made out of recycled plastic!

Be inspired by some innovative solutions to rethinking plastic, and play a part in facilitating a more circular economy.

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Open Call: Collecting Contemporary Singapore

Share your memories with us.

Plastics have shaped our daily lives like no other material: from packaging to footwear, from household goods to furniture, from automobiles to architecture. At the same time, sustainability is a key contemporary issue that informs the way we live. We invite you to contribute your objects and their stories. Click below to learn more.

Plastic Open Call

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Student Guide

Explore and examine the artefacts in this exhibition with this booklet!

To promote sustainability, you are encouraged to download a copy of the booklet here.



Plastic: Remaking Our World

B Exhibition Gallery 1
27 Jan 2024 - 23 Jun 2024
Daily from 10am to 7pm
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