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Story of the Forest will be closed on Friday, 28 Jun 2024 from 4pm to 7pm.
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Reunion FAQs

How do I go about signing up for a museum programme for seniors?

Visit our senior programmes webpage and follow the sign-up instructions for each programme.

Visiting Reunion – Can I visit Reunion?

Yes, you can. The space and café are both open from 9am to 6pm daily. Visitors are welcome to walk in and enjoy a meal, the virtual exhibitions and a selection of music at the music booths.

Do note that the museum will be holding programmes in Reunion from time to time. We seek all visitors’ understanding to move around quietly if there are programmes taking place.

For groups of seniors (more than 5 pax) intending to use the space for an activity, please write in at least 21 days prior. Groups may be liable to a fee that includes the use of the museum’s resources and Reunion.

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What are some of the programmes that are held in Reunion?

The museum organises programmes for seniors, including persons living with dementia and mild cognitive impairment, and their accompanying caregivers. Please visit this page for our list of programmes held in Reunion.

Should you be interested in organising a self-facilitated group activity for seniors in Reunion, please check out Gather at Reunion and write in at least 21 days prior. Groups will be liable to a fee that includes the use of the museum’s resources and Reunion.

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What do I need to take note of when visiting Reunion?

Look out for others in need
  • This space is designed for seniors, including those with additional needs
  • Caregivers should always accompany visitors with additional needs
Handle all items with care
  • Return the items where they belong so that future users can use them too
  • Do not remove any items from this space
Keep this space a peaceful space
  • Activities such as gambling or any politically-related actions are not permitted
  • The museum reserves the right to remove and/or report individuals who are involved in such activities in Reunion
  • Should you notice or suspect any visitor engaging in such activities, please call our security team at 6332 0110.
Be kind and considerate to others
  • If you notice other visitors waiting to use any of the stations in this space, please limit your usage time and allow others to use the stations.
Keep this space clean and spill-free
  • No food and drinks other than water are allowed
  • Smoking is not permitted
  • Dispose of your rubbish in the designated bins
Respect all other social etiquette
  • No pets allowed, except for guide dogs
  • Please switch your mobile phones to silent mode and take your calls outside Reunion
  • No loud music outside the Music Booths
  • Sleeping or studying is not allowed here

How do I get to Reunion?

Click here for our photo story for directions on how to get to Reunion.