Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

The National Heritage Board (NHB) strives towards a high standard of compliance with accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, corporate governance and auditing requirements, and any legislation relating thereto.

We have in place a whistleblowing policy which aims to:

a) Deter wrongdoing and promote standards of good corporate practices;
b) Provide avenues for you to raise concerns about actual or suspected improprieties in matters of financial reporting, irregularities or other matters;
c) Reassure you that you will be protected from punishment or unfair treatment for disclosing concerns in good faith in accordance with this policy; and
d) Assist to develop a culture of openness, accountability and integrity.

Concerns or information should preferably be provided in writing to Other channels of reporting are as detailed within the policy.

Please click on this link for NHB's Whistleblowing Policy.