National Heritage Board Internship


The National Heritage Board’s (NHB) internship programme provides hands-on and cross-disciplinary experiences in the arts and heritage sector. During the internship, you will be presented with opportunities to learn from our officers and be exposed to a variety of projects. Your work will contribute to the development of a vibrant heritage and cultural sector in Singapore.

Internship Period

NHB’s internship programme is offered from March to August. If you are studying overseas or available only during other periods, do complete the NHB internship application form for our consideration.


You are eligible if you:

  • Are a Singapore citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  • Have a strong Co-Curricular Activities record;
  • Have excellent university and school academic results;
  • Meet the requirements for the projects as specified by the Board;
  • Have a positive attitude and interest in this programme;
  • Are applying as part of your university/polytechnic required internship programme

Available Positions

Click here to view our available internship positions.

How to Apply

If you are interested, do complete the NHB internship application form here.