Our SG Heritage Plan

What Singaporeans Can Look Forward To


Enjoy Heritage in Our Places

The places where we live, work and play in hold many memories. We hope to continue sharing these with future generations. So, we will increase appreciation and understanding of our heritage by including and infusing heritage into everyday spaces, making heritage relevant and accessible to all.

Enjoy Heritage through Our Culture

Our traditions and way of life are what make us a multicultural, unique Singapore, and we must cherish these so that they will live on. We will be safeguarding, promoting and passing on Singapore’s diverse intangible cultural heritage forms to our future generations.

Enjoy Heritage with Our Community

Archaeologists at the Empress Place excavation

Our shared heritage forms a bond that brings us together as a people. All of us can play a part in our heritage. We will strengthen our partnerships with communities, heritage groups and volunteers, and encourage greater ownership of the preservation and promotion of Singapore’s heritage. We will be exploring more ways to empower our partners through the co-curation of heritage content, providing resources to support more ground-up projects, and working with volunteers and donors in giving back to the community through heritage.

Enjoy Heritage through Our Treasures

Our museums and their collections tell the story of Singapore, Asia and the world, and enable us to discover more about ourselves and the world we live in. Come and experience these stories as we improve our museum offerings, strengthen archaeology in Singapore to find out more about our past, and build capabilities for the heritage and cultural sector.