Project Grant Details


What is the Project Grant for recipients of the Stewards of Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage? 


Project grant

The award recipients will have the option to tap on a Project Grant of up to S$20,000. This amount shall be used within five years from the point of award for the transmission and promotion of ICH knowledge and skills.

This grant is part of the awards’ aim to encourage the continued transmission of the ICH element.

Examples of projects that could be supported by the Project Grant include:

a) Organising programmes such as talks and seminars for the public as well as demonstrations and training sessions for interested parties;

b) Introducing an internship or apprentice-training programme, that excludes in-house training of existing employees;

c) Embarking on projects to improve their equipment or knowledge, better their skills, introduce innovation and ensure sustainability; or

d) Conducting and/or commissioning additional research and documentation of ICH knowledge and skills.

Application details

The proposed project is subject to review by the National Heritage Board.

Recipients will need to submit a project application form, which will be reviewed. These forms will be made available to the recipients upon the acceptance of the award.

Successful applicants will be informed within two month of receipt of their application.